Main Line Today Media Favorites

Here are the media favorites, according to the readers of Main Line Today magazine.

Winners include Cecily Tynan, Vai Sikahema, and Aditi Roy.


7 responses to “Main Line Today Media Favorites

  1. Magazine needs to be renamed to Main Line Yesterday.

    Horrible publication, little worth reading, hard to believe it is in circulation, and that someone would pay for it.

  2. hotter?? adiri or tynan??

  3. Maceo – You always know the solid topics.

    Tynan usually is able to pull of the sleeveless look. Aditi cannot do that.
    A slight nod to Cecily.

    As always, you deliver the goods.

    Any luck with the new babe from CBS3?

  4. I disagree with all of this. I don’t mind Aditi Roy, but Cecily Tynan I do. I don’t understand what is so great about her, I just don’t like her broadcasting skills. I’d much rather watch Kathy Orr. She is much better in my opinion.

  5. thanks wj, havent had the opportunity to “mingle” w/da new babe, YET!

  6. Did she start yet Wacky Jack?


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