Late Summer TV Stuff

I’m loving “Mad Men” this summer.  I also loved the “Comedy Central Roast of David Hasselhoff” the other night.

What have you been watching this summer?


7 responses to “Late Summer TV Stuff

  1. Drop Dead Diva, Covert Affairs, Eureka, Haven, Mad Men, Rizzoli & Isles & I started watching Castle!

  2. Whitney Cummings (uncensored) was the best. I’m glad I don’t have cable b/c Comedy Central deleted half of Whitney Cummings jokes anyway. Luckily, she was on the Stern show today and she told the censored ones. She’s very funny although she seemed to roast Pam Anderson more than the Hoff.

  3. Covert Affairs is mindless entertainment and enjoyable. Very disappointed with Rescue Me this year, I think they have jumped the shark. Been watching a little bit of Burn Notice, not too bad. Late summer yes, but so, so happy Weeds is back on Showtime. Best show on television that nobody is watching.

  4. I’ve been watching “BostonMed”, “Raising Sextuplets” (on WEtv), “Cake Boss” and “Wipeout” – there’s nothing much else on TV that I like right now.

  5. The only shows I have been watching this summer have been The Real World New Orleans and Jersey Shore on MTV, Mad Men on AMC, America’s Got Talent on NBC, and Phillies baseball on CSN and MY PHL-17. Other than that, I haven’t had much time to watch TV.

  6. The Closer is the best cop show on. Law and Order SUV is good too. hate to admit it but I have caught Jersey Shore, the housewives of NJ this year is just not as good, it is hard to watch Danielle she either needs help for real or overacting

  7. oh yeah forgot cake boss, I like his momma when she yells at him. ha

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