Eagles Reporter’s New Gig

The reason you aren’t hearing Brian Seltzer as the Eagles’ beat reporter on 97.5-FM, The Fanatic, right now, is because he is enjoying his first year as play-by-play announcer for the Reading Phillies.

Hopefully, he’ll be back on the station when the Reading season ends Labor Day weekend.


7 responses to “Eagles Reporter’s New Gig

  1. Thanks Laura. Strange as it sounds, I was wondering what happened to him. Brian was excellent as Eagles beat reporter … constantly breaking good information, not afraid to ask tough questions.
    I hate to start a debate, but 97.5 is eating WIP’s lunch!!!!!!! The content doesn’t compare. I could do w/o Gonzo and Tony Bruno, but the station is constantly shuffling in outstanding guests with good perspectives. Case in point, the day the Oswalt trade was going down, they had on Oswalt’s agent, Brad Lidge, Phil Garner. And WIP? Simply Howard droning on and Ike as clueless as ever.
    Wake up Rayfield – you’re station is now second fiddle in town.

  2. He is missed. The station has plenty of good talent, but Tom Burr(sp?) and Tim McManus are clearly not the best around.

  3. Bring back Tolley for an awesome report!!

  4. what happened to chuck kirlin the former reading phillies broadcaster?

  5. kirlin got demoted to the Charleston Charlies

  6. charleston is a short-season A-ball (rookie) league

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