Professor Wally

Former Channel 6 personality Wally Kennedy (who sounds great on KYW) will be teaching the course, “Media and Morality” at Immaculata College this semester. Former Channel 6 colleague Dave Frankel, who today works as an attorney, will be the first guest speaker.

Long live “AM Philadelphia!”


6 responses to “Professor Wally

  1. Can’t forget Philly After Midnight. Both shows were the highest rated shows in their time slots.

  2. Good man, Wally Kennedy. Got a raw deal at 6ABC. Hard to believe, he cant secure another TV job in the market. Guess because he’s not pretty or female.

  3. And then there was Sunday Live, when he was at least back on the daytime side of the clock. He had a fairly long run there in the multiple incarnations of the show.

  4. WK is a very good man .

    His reports on KYW are very good, as Laura mentioned.

    Wish we could hear him more, and less of that old geezer Jack O’Rourke

  5. Weather Channel Wally

    IMO: There’s nothing wrong with jack O’Rourke that a sensible format couldn’t fix. Slightly longer reports would contain more information. Also: Eliminate the mandatory use of meaningless sound.

    Everything is so friggin brief at Newsradio that you get no depth at all, very little that interests you is communicated.
    And, the format is waaaaaaayyyyyyy over-produced. It’s suffocating in sound for sound’s sake.

    It isn’t Jack’s fault he has to work in that format.

  6. Dave Frankel, now that’s a face for radio. Must be a scary lawyer.

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