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From NBC10:

Congratulations Stacey Stauffer!

NBC 10 Reporter/Anchor Stacey Stauffer gave birth on Monday to Larry Bruce Stauffer.
Larry weighed in at 7lbs, 11oz.  Larry joins big brother Ben and Stacey’s husband Larry Stauffer.
All are doing well!
Coming up on the 10 Show!
R&B singer Brian McKnight stops by on Monday the 30th!
And check out these upcoming SPECIAL GUEST CO-HOSTS!
August 27: Jill Whelan from the TV classic The Love Boat!
August 30/31: local radio personality G-N Kang.
Sept 1/2: Karen Hepp…former NBC 10 Reporter!
Sept 3: Lauren Hart/singer and former co-host the 10! Show.
Sept 7/8: Eryka Washington/Philly-area native…now anchor at WESH Orlando.
Sept 9/10: Tiffany McElroy/another former staffer here at NBC 10. 
The 10! Show airs weekdays at 11am! 
NBC 10 News Today Executive Producer Honored
Jennifer Wiggins, Executive Producer of NBC 10 News Today and 1994 graduate of Florida A&M University,
is being honored by her alma mater! She has been named the 2010 recipient of the ‘Thelma Thurston
Gorham Distinguished Alumnus Award’ from the School of Journalism and Graphic Communications at FAMU.
The late Thelma Thurston Gorham (1913-1991) was the first journalism instructor at FAMU.
She was one of few African-American women to work in newspaper journalism at a time
when it was not fashionable for African Americans or women to do so. The prestigious award
honors successful alumni who have made significant contributions in journalism and in the community.
The award will be given out during homecoming festivities in October. Congratulations Jennifer!
And a Final Congrats and Good Luck…
To our colleague Kristen Welker as she begins her new job as an NBC News Correspondent.
Kristen will be based in Burbank and starts her new gig this Monday, August 30th.
Look for her on all platforms of NBC News, including “NBC Nightly News,” “Today,” MSNBC and msnbc.com. 

4 responses to “NBC10 News

  1. Congrats to Stacey on her new baby, but his name is Larry???? Really???
    Why do men insist on having their boys named after them especially with such an outdated name and why do the women go along with it? I guess she must really be in love. Sorry for sounding so negative. I’m sure she’s feeling blessed with her new baby.

  2. Janine,
    How do you know the name was not her idea?
    Congratulations to the family on the birth of the baby.
    Are names really outdated, or have they just become more Abstact? Janine is a nice traditional name, really it is.

    Berwyn Never Bob OK with Robert

  3. Thanks for the compliment Bob, but my name really isn’t Janine. I just use it on here. My real name is just too common. Yeah you’re right the name could’ve been her idea, but I doubt it. I’ve talked to many moms who were forced into naming their sons after the husband. I know a lady who only had one child and it had to be Donald even though it wasn’t her first choice.
    Thank goodness I’m not married to one of those guys.

  4. Did anyone catch Hepp? How’d she look? Perform??

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