Disappointed in 97.5-FM

I was disappointed that The John Kincade Show, which airs nationally on ESPN Radio Sunday morning from 7 a.m. – 10 a.m. , is getting cut off in Philly at 8 a.m.

Kincade, a Broomall native and graduate of Cardinal O’Hara High School and Temple University, is a fulltime sports radio host in Altanta, and also does a Sunday show on ESPN.


17 responses to “Disappointed in 97.5-FM

  1. In the digital age, there are other options to hear the entire show in case a terrestrial station in the Philly market cuts it off early. Online and satellite radio for starters. Podcasts also available.

  2. Laura, just relax. Have you seen the latest ratings for 950 and or 97.5?
    Mike Miss, etc. should thank the ground each day they finish their shift.
    Once again Greater Media DOESNT KNOW what their doing with these
    stations. But are they licensed with the FCC. THEY NEED TO SELL THESE

  3. Kincade was Angelo Cataldi’s errand boy, back in the day.

  4. That means you will be forced to listen to Sonny Hill run down
    how much it means to have “UNITY in the COMMUNITY”
    as well the names of his old school guys like Tee Parham and Guy
    Rogers. Then a few plugs for Old Original Bookbinders and those
    delicious shrimps (plural). MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

    And dont forget the health tips from Glen Ellis

  5. He should do a Philly show Tony Bruno style where he’s not in Philly but ON in Philly

  6. Glen Ellis website


    This guy is not a doctor, but rather a “health educator”


  7. Bart, you’re right on. Greater Media is too cheap to put any decent money into the Philly sports stations. The sales staff is struggling to sell anything other than the afternoon drive show. Overall, a sad situation for Philly media. Greater Media boss Peter Smyth needs to get the company’s act together. Last I looked, John Fullum was double-dipping running Philly and Detroit for the company. Hard to keep your eye on two balls at once.

  8. John Kincaid is an interesting, exciting, knowledgable & witty jock. I agree
    ‘PEN should pitch a “live from Atlanta” Philly slot for him if it fits his schedule. He was a great alternative to Sonny’s Living Room on Sunday am,
    at least air his whole slot. Anyone remember how “John from Drexel Hill” became “Johnac the Magnificant” on WIP’s morning show? His talent caught somebody’s attention. He is 1000% better than the “Craig Carton/Boomer Esiason Fiasco” mornings on WFAN.

  9. I’ve given 97.5/950 a shot and I’ve given up on them. The morning show will never work in Philadelphia – we don’t want to be “Bristol-ized” – we’re Philadelphia and we should have our own morning show! Vai and Gonzo are horrible, I think Vai sleeps while Gonzo harps on stuff that doesn’t matter (Like going too far on Michael Vick). Missanelli takes these awful stances and backs them up with “Naw, it just isn’t” when callers present statistics. Schwartzman may be the worst of all of them – speculating that the Eagles were going to draft Tim Tebow with their 1st round pick in this year’s draft. All in all, the hosts are awful, and as bad as WIP’s can be (Angelo, Macnow), 97.5 has slithered below them.

  10. Good to hear from Hal Sacks. Always good to get the perspective
    from the “Old School” guys like Hal and Marv.

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  12. I received an email from Joe DeCamara from 97.5 he says they are going to
    do local programming beginning at 8 am on Sunday. He claims the people
    want local sports talk . I guess they do but John Kincade was a good show
    for Sunday mornings. He is a better alternative than any morning program
    on that other station be it the living room or the morning morons.

  13. advice from glen ellis, never bring a knife to a gun fight.

  14. If you’re on the Jersey side of the river, try 97.3 ESPN FM. They run Kincade without interuption…


  16. agree, the talent on 97.5 fm is very poor. tennesse tuxedo in the pm is rough to listen too! Does that guy from the connecticut school of broadcasting Harry , have pictures on upper management? BRUTAL!

  17. Thanks for the kind words, Connected.

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