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Former NBC10 Anchor Reveals Childhood Trauma

Former NBC10 anchor Don Lemon, who works for CNN, revealed he was the victim of a pedophile.

Fox Top Team For Redskins-Eagles

Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, and Pam Oliver will cover the Redskins-Eagles game Sunday at 4 p.m. on Fox.

Kathy Griffin Coming To Town

Funnylady Kathy Griffin will be performing in Philly at the Academy of Music, November 6th.

David Aldrich Is Found

Thanks to one of our readers, Bart, for finding this:

David Aldrich

David Aldrich joined WVLT-TV in Knoxville, TN as Chief Meteorologist in May 2010. David is proud to call Volunteer TV and East Tennessee his new home.

David’s last on-air job was working as the weekend weather anchor for FOX 29 in Philadelphia. For four years, David worked as the weekend weather anchor on “FOX 29 News at Six” and “FOX 29 News at 10” until October 2009. He also produced and reported weather three days a week on “Good Day Philadelphia” and “FOX 29 News at Noon.”

He holds both the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) designation from the American Meteorological Society, which is a professional recognition of the quality of his weather broadcasts, and the National Weather Association’s Seal of Approval. In July 2007, David was also awarded Delaware Today magazine’s Best T.V. Weatherperson (critics choice).

Born and raised in Wilmington, DE, David attended the University of Delaware before transferring to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in radio, television and motion pictures in 1992. He then attended North Carolina State University where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology in 1999.

David left Rochester, N.Y., where he was the morning and noon meteorologist at WHAM-TV 13 since July 2001. He also was the on-air meteorologist for WHAM NewsRadio 1180 AM in Rochester since October 2002.

He was weekend meteorologist at WSAZ-TV 3 in Huntington-Charleston, W.V., from June 1999 to June 2001; and at WNCN-TV 17 in Raleigh, N.C., from April 1999 to June 1999.

Once a member of the Screen Actors’ Guild, David guest starred on an episode of “Matlock,” appeared in the movie “Dead Poets’ Society” as a featured extra, and starred in a Veterans’ Life Insurance commercial with Roger Staubach.

David loves to visit schools and encourage young people to learn about math and science. He lives in Knoxville with his wife Stephanie, two daughters and his yellow lab “Muggy.”

Philly PR Firm Needed For New Reality Show


Studio Lambert, a TV production company that produces CBS’ Undercover Boss, is launching a new show called “Fairy Jobmother” airing on Lifetime Networks. Here is information about the show from Brian of Studio Lambert:

  • The premise of the show is that we will be taking an individual who is currently unemployed and putting them through a rigorous career training process that will enhance this person’s professional abilities and appearance. Our host, Hayley Taylor, will act as career coach and fully prepare them for employment with an organization.
  • We are currently looking for a Public Relations company in the Philadelphia area that will interview and retain this individual.
  • Shooting will take place October 6th for three hours at the PR firm’s location.
  • We’d prefer the company to be hiring, but are open to the organization creating or making a position for the individual.
  • This will provide great exposure for the company and their clientele.
  • Must consent to filming of location and hiring of individual.

Brian  contact information is: 424-201-2255.

2010 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Winners

2010 Mid-Atlantic Emmy® Recipients- September 25, 2010

1- Newscast- Evening- Larger Markets (#1-38)      

“CBS3 Eyewitness News at 11:00 – 5/27/10”- CBS3

Susan Schiller, News Director

Jonelle Fabian, Producer

Chris May, Anchor

Susan Barnett, Anchor

2- Newscast- Evening- Medium Markets (#39 & Smaller)

“CBS 21 News Live at 11”- WHP CBS21

Tanya Foster, Anchor

Julie Kupchella, Producer

Rob Hanrahan, Anchor

3- Newscast- Morning

“Eyewitness News on the CW – Haiti Relief”- CW Philly 57

Lisa Santoro, Producer

Jenn Connor, Producer

Karen Rariden, Executive Producer

Lisa Shiner, Director

4- General Assignment Report- Within 24 Hours

“The Cure”- WHTM-TV

Eric Heisler, Photojournalist

Dara Rees, Reporter

5- General Assignment Report- No Time Limit

“Help for Haiti”- KDKA-TV

Andy Sheehan, Reporter

David Colabine, Photographer

6- Team Coverage

“Winter Storm”- CBS3

Susan Schiller, News Director

7- Spot News

“G-20 Protests”- WPXI-TV

Michael Goldrick, News Director

Vince Sims, Reporter

John Infanti, Producer

Jennifer Fitzgerald, Director

8- Continuing Coverage-  No Time Limit

“69 News in Haiti:Continuing Coverage”- WFMZ-TV

Jaccii Farris, Reporter

Lee Jenkins, Photographer

9- Investigative Report- Single Story or Series

“Trash Weighing” FOX29

Gary Scurka, Senior Investigative Producer

Mark LaValla, Investigative Photographer/Editor

“Windowizards”- FOX29

Gary Scurka, Senior Investigative Producer

Mark LaValla, Investigative Photographer/Editor

Jeff Cole, Investigative Reporter

Tom Beck, Photographer

10- Feature News Report

“Deals Behind the Doors”- CBS3

Jim Donovan, Reporter

Lisa Santoro, Producer

Mike Henry, Editor

Mike Teiper, Photographer

11- Feature News Report -Serious Feature

“Taken For a Ride”- CBS3

Stephanie Stahl, Reporter

Ellen Czajkowski, Producer

12- Feature News Report- Series

“Alex’s Legacy: Travel Fund Kids”- CBS3

Jonelle Fabian, Producer

Joan Sill, Producer

Mike Henry, Editor

“Private Collectors”- KDKA-TV

Dave Crawley, Reporter

Dave Forstate, Photographer

“69 News Inventors’ Lab”- WFMZ-TV

Melissa Fullerton, Reporter

Bill Seiders, Photojournalist

13- Business/Consumer – News Feature or Series

“Grocery Shopping with the Coupon Mom”- CBS3

Jim Donovan, Consumer Reporter

Milton Becker, Photographer

Mike Henry, Editor

14- Crime News- Single Story or Series

“Blood Sport”- CBS3

Susan Barnett, Anchor / Reporter

Mike Henry, Editor

15- Environment/Science – News Single Story or Series

“Nuclear Power”- WHTM-TV

Joe O’Neill, Editor

Dennis Owens, Reporter

16- Health- News Single Story or Series

“Swine Flu Danger”- CBS3

Stephanie Stahl, Reporter

Ellen Czajkowski, Producer

Mike Henry, Editor

17- Human Interest – News Feature

“Images of Bravery”- WHP CBS21

Tanya Foster, Anchor

Todd Dinsmore, Photographer

18- Politics/Government- News Single Story or Series

“Camden Shakedown”- FOX29

Gary Scurka, Senior Investigative Producer

Mark LaValla, Investigative Photographer/Editor

19- Weather- News Single Story or Series

“CBS3’s Winter Forecast”- CBS3

Kathy Orr, Meteorologist

Doug Kammerer, Meteorologist

Steven Strouss, Weather Producer

20- Sports- News Single Story or Series

“Goodbye Harry”- CBS3

Andrew Wheeler, Writer/Producer

Beasley Reece, Reporter

21- Sports- Program Feature/Segment

“The Rematch: 59 Years in the Making”- CBS3

Mike Henry, Producer/Editor

Beasley Reece, Reporter

Saul Stokes, Producer

22- Sports- Regularly Scheduled Daily Program or Sportscast

“SportsNite”- Comcast SportsNet

Michelle Murray, Senior Director of News/Programming

Rob Kuestner, Assistant News Director

Mike Gatti, Coordinating Producer

Sean Kane, Producer

Rob Michel, Producer

Matt Azarva, Associate Producer

Andrew Greth, Associate Producer

“Wachovia SportsNite”- Comcast SportsNet

Dan Roche, Producer

Kevin Feeney, Producer

Mike Gatti, Supervising Producer

Amy Fadool, Anchor

Rob Kuestner, Assistant News Director

23- Sports- Program Series

“Classic Venues”- Comcast SportsNet

Brad Nau, Executive Producer

24- Sports- Program One-Time Special

“Football Friday”- WGAL-TV

Pat Principe, Sports Director

Mike Straub, Reporter

Tom Knier, Photographer

Rhonda Keiser, Producer

Mike Hostetler, Anchor

25- Sporting Event/Game-Live/Unedited Program/Special/Series

“Philadelphia 76ers Basketball”- Comcast SportsNet

J.R. Aguila, Producer

Nick Marchetta, Director

Beth Ely, Associate Producer

Shawn Oleksiak, Executive Producer

Marc Zumoff, Play-by-Play

Ed Pinckney, Analyst

Jaime Maggio, Reporter

26- Arts Program/Special

“Picasso In Paris”- StudioTEN Creative Group

Eileen Matthews, Producer/writer

Tom Lennon, Editor

Tim Strong, Graphic Artist

27- Entertainment Program Feature/Segment

“Philly Kitchen”- Multi Media Productions

James Davey, Director

28- Entertainment- Program/Special

“Music Theatre Spotlight”- WPSU-TV

Jeffrey Hughes, Producer/Director

29- Children/Youth/Teen (19 and under)- Program or Special

“Career Gates: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)”- eMediaWorks

Teri Haddad, Producer

Scott Paul, Director

Brandon Pousley, Editor

30- Education/Schools Program Feature or Segment

“Classroom Close-up, NJ: High Tech Hall”- NJN Public Television

Richard Renner, Segment Producer

Ed Waters, Director of Photography

Wanda Swanson, Executive Producer

31- Environment/Science- Program Feature/Segment

“Beyond The Bin”- WLVT PBS39

Eric Werner, Photojournalist

Laura McHugh, Producer/Reporter

Amy Clark, Editor

“The Down Side of Litter”- WQED Multimedia

Pierina Morelli, Producer/Photographer/Editor

32- Environment/Science- Program/Special

“WHY?”- Commonwealth Media Services

Joanne Alexis, Producer

Scott Pitts, Motion Graphic Artist

Adam Schmidt, Editor

33- Health Program Feature or Segment

“Due Process:  Medical Pot”- NJN Public Television

Sandra King, Producer/Co-Host

Richard Kretchmer, Editor

Kristine Ekman, Associate Producer

34- Health Program or Special

“Losing Lambert: A Journey Through Survival & Hope”- WQED Multimedia

David Solomon, Writer/Producer

Paul Ruggieri, Photographer/Editor

35- Historic/Cultural Program Feature/Segment

“A Rush and A Roar”- Comcast SportsNet

Brad Nau, Executive Producer

“Drake Well Museum”- WQED Multimedia

Pierina Morelli, Producer/Photographer/Editor

36- Historic/Cultural Program/Special

“Due Process:  Diversity in the Law:  The New Jersey Bench”- NJN Public Television

Sandra King, Reporter/Producer

Richard Kretchmer, Editor

“The Spanish Guitar”- NJN Public Television

William Sanchez, Producer

Rick English, AVID Editor

Zachary Fink, Narrator

37- Human Interest Program Feature/Segment

“Blind Ambition”- Comcast SportsNet

Tom Kretschmer, Photographer

38- Human Interest Program/Special

“Be A 10 in 10 Weeks”- NBC10

Justin Pizzi, Reporter/Producer

Brad Berner, Photographer

39- Documentary

“Out in the Silence”- Qwaves Documentaries

Dean Hamer, Co-Director/Producer

Joe Wilson, Co-Director/Producer

40- Interview/Discussion Program/Special

“Speak Up! on the CW Philly”- CW Philly 57

Vince DeFruscio, Producer

Natasha Brown, Anchor/Host

41- Interview/Discussion Series

“Due Process”- NJN Public Television

Sandra King, Producer/Co-Host

Ray Brown, Co-Host

Laurel Spira, Director

Henrietta Parker, Coordinating Producer

Patricia Scanella, Studio Coordinator

42- Magazine Program/Special

“Philly Kitchen”- Multi Media Productions

James Davey, Director

“Talk Philly”- CBS3

Monica Avery, Producer

Randall Scott, Lead Editor

Pat Ciarrocchi, Anchor

Rob Henderson, Writer

Donna Benner, Segment Producer

Kristen Warick, Production Assistant

Ukee Washington, Anchor

43- Public/Current/Community Affairs Feature/Segment

“Frankford Chargers”- Eagles Television Network

Douglas Interrante, Producer

Chris Johnson, Editor

44- Public/Current/Community Affairs Program/Special

“Everyday Heroes – Homeless in America”- ManPri Productions

Lamont Graves, Host/Executive Producer

Arden Revien, Executive Producer

Joyce Colman-Sampson, Executive Producer

“Everyday Heroes – A Mother’s Mission”- ManPri Productions

Lamont Graves, Host/Executive Producer

Arden Revien, Executive Producer

Joyce Colman-Sampson, Executive Producer

45- Special Event Coverage- Live (other than News or Sports)

“Remembering Harry: the Funeral of Harry Kalas”- CBS3

Monica Avery, Producer

Andrew Wheeler, Producer

46- Promotion- News and Program and PSA- Single Spot

“Trust the Bowtie – Roofer’s Bet”- NBC10

Henry Vazquez, Promotions Manager, News & On-Air

Derek Robinson, Animation Design Manager

47- Promotion- News and Program and PSA- Campaign

“Trust the Bowtie – Viewer Testimonials”- NBC10

Henry Vazquez, Promotions Manager, News & On-Air

Derek Robinson, Animation Design Manager

48- Promotion- News and Program Image

“Your Home”- KDKA-TV

Tina Veon, Creative Services Director

Greg Loscar, Promotions Manager

49- Station Excellence 


Jon Hitchcock, President & General Manager

50- News Excellence


Susan Schiller, News Director

51- Community Service

“Losing Lambert & The Teen Suicide Seminars”- WQED Multimedia

David Solomon, Writer/Producer

Paul Ruggieri, Photographer/Editor

Annette Waldron, Education Programs Manager

52- Musical Composition/Arrangement

Mark Schultz/Dan Vitco, Center City Film & Video/Suite Spot Studios

53- Director

James Davey, Multi Media Productions

54- Editor- Program

Cole Cullen, WPSU-TV

55- Editor- Short Form

Mike Henry, CBS3

56- Editor- News

Kyle Cooper, WHTM-TV

Mike Henry, CBS3

57- Graphic Arts/Animation

Ayhan Cebe- Rhythm & Roots, Ebru TV

58- On-Camera Talent – Anchor – News

Dennis Owens, WHTM-TV

59- On-Camera Talent – Anchor – Weather

Kathy Orr, CBS3

60- On-Camera Talent – Anchor- Sports

Brian Unangst, Blue Ridge Communications, TV-13

Jason Bristol, WHP CBS21

61- On-Camera Talent – Program Host/Moderator

Walter Staib, Multi Media Productions

62- On-Camera Talent- Reporter- Features/Human Interest

Ali Lanyon, WHTM-TV

Dave Crawley, KDKA-TV
David Highfield, KDKA-TV

63- On-Camera Talent- Reporter- General Assignment

Walt Hunter, CBS3

64- On-Camera Talent- Reporter- Specialty Assignment

Jim Osman, CBS3

65- On-Camera Talent- Reporter- Sports

Jason Bristol, WHP CBS21

66- On-Camera Talent- Sports Analyst/Play-by-Play

Jim Jackson, Comcast SportsNet

67- Photographer- Program

Brad Nau, Comcast SportsNet

68- Photographer- News

Joe O’Neill, WHTM-TV

69- Writer- Program

David Solomon, WQED Multimedia

70- Writer- News/Commentary/Short Form

Neal Slotkin, Comcast SportsNet

Phillies Dominating Phall Television Season Here

From CSN:

The Phillies continue to hit it out of the park as another ratings record was set during last night’s sweep of the Atlanta Braves.  Last night’s game on Comcast SportsNet delivered a 15.2 rating (452,000 households) besting Tuesday’s night 15.0 rating.  Wednesday’s game peaked at 18.5 rating (550,000 households) and was the most watched program in the Philadelphia market.

During this three game series, Comcast SportsNet delivered a cumulative 44.7 rating which means over 1.3 million households tuned into watch the Phils sweep the Braves. 

During the month of September, Phillies game on Comcast SportsNet are averaging a 10.9 (324,000 HH), 33% higher than the season average of 8.2 (244,000 HH.)  At this rate they are on track for the team’s eighth consecutive season of ratings growth on Comcast SportsNet.  This season’s 8.2 average is 15% higher than last year’s average of 7.14, which was the network’s highest rated Phillies season in its 13-year history.

“Phillies Postgame Live” continues to deliver ratings success in September. This month “Phillies Postgame Live” is averaging a 4.9 rating (146,000 households) up 29% from September 2009’s rating of 3.8.

The Phillies return to Comcast SportsNet’s air on September 24 when they take on the New York Mets at 7 p.m.  Comcast SportsNet will also air the Washington Nationals series on September 27-29 and the Phillies regular season ends on Comcast SportsNet with one more engagement with the Braves on October 2 at 4 p.m.   In addition to live game coverage, Comcast SportsNet will also air pre and postgame programs for each game.

Don Draper Likes The Phillie Phanatic

In the recent issue of People magazine, Jon Hamm (Don Draper from Mad Men) said his favorite mascot is “The Phillie Phanatic, because there is no reason that mascot should exist.  A strange alien creature that somehow represents Philadelphia perfectly.”

Now Kerri Lee Is Leaving Fox29 For Good

Dan Gross has the story.

No Fulltime Sports Person on Fox29

Now that Joe Staszak is no longer a fulltimer on Fox29, as his contract expired in August, there are no fulltime sports people on the station.

A station spokesperson said that radio guys Anthony Gargano and Mike Missanelli will share air time with football expert Greg Cosell.

Former Eagle Hugh Douglas and the station parted ways a couple of months ago.