Connie Colla’s New Job

Former Philly television personality Connie Colla’s new show, Smart Family, debuts Monday on the ABC affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona.


7 responses to “Connie Colla’s New Job

  1. You mean Fox 29 wouldn’t recycle her too?

  2. I always tried to like Connie, and thought she was decent and nothing special.

    But once she got over to CN8, she really porked up

    Hopefully Smart Family will be better than the CN8 trainwreck

  3. Connie Colon

  4. Hey, it’s good to see she made it out of that hell-hole CN8! That is the biggest joke of a network EVER! Owner’s mother and executive’s wives running the programing! Give me a break!

  5. gee, why didn’t Connie Colla go to 3 when she left 10? It seems one gains an anchor or reporter from the other over the years!

  6. here’s an idea, get Marciarose, Trudy, or even Liz Matt to co host seeking solutions with Wally instead of old suzanne!


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