Michelle Buckman Leaving Fox29

“The Real Deal’s” Michelle Buckman announced on her Facebook page that she is leaving Fox29.  Here is what she said:

 I am sorry to say this is my last day at Fox 29. I have decided to leave the TV biz and pursue a new career path that will allow me more time with my husband and daughter. Working as a journalist is a privilege and covering the events and people of this city has been an incredible experience. I am so thankful I had …the chance to get to know so many of you! Thank you for being so kind and supportive.


17 responses to “Michelle Buckman Leaving Fox29

  1. Robert - 6abcFan

    First Liz Keptner, now Michelle too. I only wish the best for Mrs.Buckman.
    I hope that Fox29 does keep “The Real Deal” Segment title.

    I wonder who will be the new replacement.

  2. Her segments were always solid. She was easy on the eyes too.

    Just for kicks, they should put Schratweiser on the consumer beat.

    Any one but Sean “Neck” Toibin

  3. How bout Keri Barrett.

  4. How about Susan Barrett coming from her baby leave this week or next week. Speculation is she is threaten with the appearance of Erika V. Tiehl.

  5. WJ.. Speaking of necks, what’s with Justin Draybick’s? I’ve witnessed him leaning to either side way too much, but never upright. And Bart, no way. Why would Susan be threatened at all? The two aren’t on the same shift so they’re unlikely to sub for one another.

  6. Erika did fill in for Susan on the 4pm Newscast, and it went really well. So I can see how Susan feels threatened. It could give management ideas to move Erika up to nights.

  7. Weather Channel Wally

    Susan should do anything she has to do — within reason — to survive there.
    She’s in a world where doing a good job and being liked by virtually all viewers isn’t enough.

  8. Have not seen enough of Draybick yet. Thanks for the tip. Something to keep an eye on. Good stuff

  9. she was solid, will be missed . wishing you the best in the next stage of your life!

  10. She wanted more than the $10.00 per hr they were offering. Instead, they got Barrett for $9.75.

  11. Wow, Fox pays more than mininum wage? Then those peeps are way over-paid.

  12. Maceo – Any luck with the new sista at CBS3?

    Been meaning to ask you …

  13. Susan’s coming back alleviates Von Tiel from working long days, doing the mornings which she was hired to do and in addition the 4pm and possibly 6pm shows, creating very long days for her. Wish Erika a very happy welcome as she looks and sounds great, and a very happy welcome back to Susan Barnett!

  14. Wacky, I previously posted & it was deleted. I was in center city a few weeks ago. I saw Shireleen doing a stand-up, wow what a sista. I want to have children with her. Jericka is cool but shes not Shirleen.

  15. Maceo – Sorry your post had to be deleted. Not cool. I agree with you about Shirleen. She is stunning, and tremendous on the air. The other day she was on with Taff, and he had a grin the size of Jessica Borg sitting next to Shirleen!

    Keep me posted on your progess, my friend

  16. WJ, like the other dude said, Hall of Fame for you!

  17. Vote for Wacky Jack!!!

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