CBS3 Make That CBSPhilly Gets New Meteorologist

Philadelphia, September 14, 2010 – Meteorologist Kate Bilo will join the Eyewitness News weather team on CBS 3 and The CW Philly beginning the week of October 4th, Susan Schiller, Vice President and News Director, has announced.  Bilo will forecast weather for Eyewitness News This Morning where she will join Anchors Ukee Washington and Erika von Tiehl and Traffic Reporter Bob Kelly. Eyewitness News This Morning airs weekdays, 4:30 to 7 a.m. on CBS 3, then continues on The CW Philly from 7 to 9 a.m.

Bilo, a native of Phoenixville, will return to the Delaware Valley from AccuWeather in State College, Pennsylvania where she has been a meteorologist since 2004.  During her tenure with the weather service, she has provided forecasts on TV and radio for numerous AccuWeather clients including FOX News, CNBC, ABC News Now and many local stations. She had also been the main morning weather anchor for the Bloomberg Television Network.

Bilo is a 2003 graduate of Penn State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Spanish, in which she is fluent, and International Business. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geosciences from Mississippi State University.   Bilo is married to Scott Eby, a software engineer and Lehigh Valley native.  They have a 14-month old son, Leo, and are planning to relocate to Haverford, Pennsylvania.

CBS 3 (KYW-TV) and The CW Philly (WPSG-TV) are part of CBS Television Stations, a division of CBS Corporation.



12 responses to “CBS3 Make That CBSPhilly Gets New Meteorologist

  1. I suggest Scott Eby introduce himself to Bob Kelly ASAP and remind him that Kate is his wife.

    Between Kate and EVT, expect Bobby to make mistakes while his mind wanders….

  2. Wacky — Your comment is somewhat offensive. If you don’t something constructive or important to say just go away. Get a real job other than waiting for Laura to post so that you can rant about people who is making a valuable contribution to society.

  3. What does this mean for Carol Erickson?

  4. Jim – Chill out. I could get on your case for horrible grammar but I wont. It is common knowledge that Kelly is a skirt chaser. Ask his ex-wife. Otherwise, just relax pal. Nobody got stung by a poisonous rattlesnake here.

  5. Jim, no offense but the WJ is a Hall of Famer. As he said this is supposed to be fun, not world peace.

  6. Connected — Thanks, as always, for the kind words. Obviously Jim got a little hot under his collar about Bobby Kelly. No harm no foul 🙂

  7. Couldn’t they find a hotter babe?

  8. she is on the cheap! It must be the money!

  9. L.Undeas – Carol Erickson will still do weekends, fill-in work, and her animal interest pieces. She once told me that she loved her schedule and had hoped she could keep it. I read somewhere they will start Saturday a.m. newscast again, so I’d imagine she does Saturday and Sunday mornings plus whatever comes up, while Justin Drabick does weekend evenings plus whatever else comes up.

    • Carol has always said she prefers the weekends. I remember back in 2002 or
      03 when the weekday weathercaster was let go his name was John can’t
      remember the last name. Carol filled in and when the next metereologist
      was hired she remarked how happy she was to be back on the weekend.
      She was doing news and weather at that time on weekend mornings.
      People may forget but Carol has also anchored newscasts at various
      times throughout her career. She is one of the unsung heroes of the
      broadcast media in Philadelphia.


  10. Agree with Ed — Carol Erickson is a classy woman. Always puts others ahead of herself. And has done some great charity work for animal causes.

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