Inky Writes About Fox29 Format Change

The Inquirer has a good article about Fox29’s change in news format.


16 responses to “Inky Writes About Fox29 Format Change

  1. It’s unfortunate…I use to love watching fox29 when it was Dawn and Dave…I can put up with Drayton, but KL is way to animated for me.

  2. Michael’s dead on. KL, thinks she in a movie. This Lauren Cohn is awful, she got bounced from WCAU, and has not improved. Drayton seems to be a bit pompus.

  3. I do not read the Inqwaster.

    And I try not to watch 29 either. Their roster is filled with JV anchors/reporters. The morning program is a disaster with Jerrick, Keely, and Frederick. I have rambled on enough in the past about them. The 10pm show is just as bad. KLH overdoes things. Weather guy is a ham. Drayton is improved but still lame. Sports is a disaster. Sean Tobin is awful. Jeff Cole is arrogant and rude. Especially in person.

    On the upside, Barrett seems sufficient. Sally Ann Mosey is competent. And I have always enjoyed Schratweiser.

    C- grade

  4. How about when KL screams tell us, SCHRAT!!

  5. I like how Keeley, et al. is all over this DRPA and PHA stuff. Personally, I think if it ends in Authority, Board, or Corporation it should be open season on them.
    I liked in the Inquirer article when it referenced Mike Jerrick telling Keeley to come back to the studio and lay down.

    I think Lauren Cohn is smoking hot. Welcome back.

  6. Didn’t read the article so I can’t say how good/bad it was, but it WAS free publicity for what IS another station”s awful local TV programming. Time to wise up folks and stop watching local TV news and your life will be better for it. The digital age allows SO MANY options for you to get the information you want to find for your own interests and on your own schedule, NOT when some smarmy news director or station manager tells you to tune in, and allows for your own interpretation to form your own opinion, not forced to listen to someone else and that person’s opinion. The best action to take is simply not to watch local TV news. Try it, you’ll like it!

  7. Hot? Talentless, def!

  8. Painful to watch, so I don’t.

  9. JayWex is right, I agree. It’s painful and I too no longer watch. I’ve never cared for KLH…her rollercoaster voice that goes up and down constantly is irritating to say the least. Drayton is phony to watch and can’t stand Bolaris! His time has come — he needs to go anyway!

  10. Not that it matters but I meant to say Commission instead of Corporation in my earlier post.

  11. FOX 29 NEWS sucks

  12. Its always good to hear from Julius!

  13. inky & fox29, two losers!!!!!!!!

  14. Oh dear, looks like someone got another rejection letter. Or perchance is just stewing over all the old ones. Because clearly it’s smarmy news directors who devised those scientific principles at work. Yeah, that’s got to be it.

  15. HAHAHAHA!!! Julius!!
    go on youtube and you’ll see he’s obsessed about WCAU in the video comments!

  16. Fox news is the lamest local news ever! !! All they report on is drop. ..who cares. ..wat about all these shootings and crime n

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