Lauren Cohn Returns To Philly

Lauren Cohn becomes the latest former Philly television person to join Fox29 (via Chicago).

Add her to the list of Dave Schratweiser (NBC10), John Bolaris (NBC10) and Sally Ann Mosey (6ABC).

Who is the best addition for Fox29?


20 responses to “Lauren Cohn Returns To Philly

  1. I like her! I wish she was coming back to NBC10. Any chance they’d trade her for Lori Wilson? She never stops talking, constantly interrupts & has an opinion on everything. We’ve stopped watching the 4PM news because of her.

  2. You forgot Joyce Evans from KYW-3

  3. Schratweiser is the best out of the 3 you named…Sally Ann is so bland in the morning. I still don’t get how they think she is better than Sue?

  4. I get why they think SAM is better…she’s cheaper. All Fox29 cares about nowadays is money. Their newscast is horrible, and they just keep adding more and more news. It’s cheaper to extend a newscast without giving their talent more money than it is to actually program something worthwhile in that time slot. I stopped watching their newscast a few years ago because of this.

  5. As always, Julia is spot on with her comments. Their newscast is HORRIBLE. Doenst matter who they bring in — the product is still terrible.

    After all, this is the station who has put the incompetent blowhard Hugh Douglas on the air

  6. Stop watching local TV news. Problem solved. See how it easy it is for one’s life to instantly improve by not watching insulting to one’s intelligence programming. Try it, you’ll like it!

  7. Stensland was also recycled from cbs3. Stack em deep & work em cheap!

  8. She looks really tore up. What wen down in Chi-town?

  9. does she replace Kerri-lee?

    if so, she left pretty quietly.

  10. Oh my. I had no idea D.Schratweiser used to be on ‘CAU? Maceo, stop! lol, she’s just aging. Or it could be the closeups on Fox29 vis a vis NBC10. And Julia, I don’t see Fox29 adding more news, I’m seeing less news and more one one one studio know the split screen thing btwn anchors & guests. I really despise what they’ve done. This is why I now watch either PHL17 or CW57 at 10pm. Then it’s The Office repeats at 10:30

  11. Happiest people in town — the owners of 333 Belrose.

    Cohn was a fixture there for quite some time…..

  12. If 333 is/was a bar, she sure looks it.

  13. Maceo – 333 BR is a haven for the 40something divorcees along the main line. Ownership will be elated to have LC back in town.

  14. wj; can you hook me up??

  15. Connected – Head over there on any Weds or Thursday night. You will be like a kid in a candy store

  16. I eat lunch there often, and will need to ask Carlo about LC. I am married so the happy hour for me is with my wife and kids at home. When wasa LC previously in the Philly market? I was out West from 99 till 2006 so I may have missed her.

  17. Where is 333 located? I’ll check it out.

  18. Lauren Round 1 was much more pleasing on the eyes than Lauren Round 2…she appears to have aged a good bit while in Chicago.

    Connected, 333 Belrose is located on King of Prussia Road in Radnor.

  19. Connected, watch that Cohn in HDTV BEFORE you waste your time sniffing that. Shes real tore up.

  20. thedogatemyhomework

    Glad Lauren Cohn is back in town. She is a good anchor. Sorry it didn’t work out for her in ORD but she was at a crappy station. Come to think of it, she still is. Hope she has a short term contract and can move to a major station here in town before too long.

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