Eagles-Lions Announcers

Sam Rosen, Tim Ryan, and Chris Myers will call the Eagles-Lions game on Fox Sunday at 1 p.m.


5 responses to “Eagles-Lions Announcers

  1. Guess we rate at the bottom, these dudes are awful. Bring on Hugh.

  2. They are not good at all!

  3. Those guys were sooooooo bad, they made ETN (Hugh & Co) look good.

  4. I would have enjoyed Hugh trying to pronounce Ndamukong Suh.

    He is barely able to say Herremans. He keeps calling him HERMANS.
    He is not able to say Rocca. He calls him ROCCO.

    Good job Hugh.

    You are a clueless dope

  5. I like Sam Rosen, don’t like Tim Ryan…

    With that said, Fox’s football announcing teams outside of Buck/Aikman and Brennaman/Billick are subpar… Kenny Albert has a grating voice, Dick Stockton is past his prime and makes 5-10 mistakes in recognizing down/distance per game.

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