Hugh Douglas Cut From Fox29?

Somebody told me they heard Hugh Douglas mention on WIP Thursday morning that he will no longer be appearing on Fox29.

Fox29 did not immediately respond to an email for confirmation.


17 responses to “Hugh Douglas Cut From Fox29?

  1. Fox 29 has no idea what’s happening, Hugh is da MAN!!

  2. Please tell me this is true! He has been on an “extended try-out” for far too long. He is complete failure. Ill-prepared, and never able to discuss anything capably.

    If WIP had any cajones, they would sack him too. He has been skating for far too long over there too.

  3. Wacky…that’s the most sane thing i think I’ve heard from you. Hugh is horrible in every aspect. Fox29 is finally doing something right.

  4. First good move the news director has done since being there.
    Where o where are you Dawn. I WANT DAWN STRESLAND
    BACK. Followed by Rich Noonan. Followed by Carl Cherkin.

    That is the reason they’ve gone to a topic-oriented newscasts.
    Yo, Mr. News Director if you read this. Just give me the top news
    stories of the day; local, national and international. If you want
    to give us right wing stories; rename thoses segments the I-TEAM.

  5. C’mon peeps, dont be so negative toward Hugh. He was a bit lazy, but was making progress.

  6. Was that Wacky Jack I saw cartwheeling across Market Street??? Right behind you buddy!!!!!

  7. Maceo — Hugh wasnt making progress, my man.

    You heard him on the ETN.
    You hear him on WIP.

    He is awful. He is not prepared. He tries to be a jovial yuckster, and that is just not good enough.

    Good riddance to the worst on-air “talent” in over a decade

  8. Just wait…I saw Ike Reese doing sports on Saturday night on CBS3. It was…interesting. With Dave Huddleston holding his hand through the whole thing. I don’t think he’ll make it. I think he’ll be just as bad as Hugh, but then again, it was the first time I had seen him.

    Why can’t they hire experienced people for the weekend sports position? It’s like they don’t care about that position anymore. Then again, the weekend is when the most sports happens. You’d think they’d want a professional sports anchor in the position.

  9. It’s about time!

  10. Now, you guys gonna shot brotha Ike?

  11. Agreed!
    When did the number 4 TV market become a testing ground for wanna beee”ssss?

  12. Well, the powers in charge think that if they’re recognizable sports names, it will bring viewers. Yeah…Maybe once. Then we see how bad they are and turn off. The one exception is Vai Sikahema. The difference with him is that he spent some time on TV while he was with the Cardinals in Phoenix. He had already done a good amount of TV work before he made it to Philly.

    Megan, I heard somewhere that Philly is now the #6 TV market. I could be wrong. For years, though, Philly has been treated one of three ways by the on air talent. They either love the city so much that they stay until the end of their career, have grown up here and it’s a dream to work back here so they stay, or it’s the last stepping stone to NYC and network broadcasts.

  13. Send Ike to the minor leagues (FOX29)

  14. Ike has been doing this far less than Hugh.

    Hugh has not gotten better. Ike is improving.

  15. One problem here, now who are we going to trash at Fox Sports. They have no full-time person. Something to look forward to, Anderson & tobin doing sports.

  16. Let’s draft Wacky to do sports on 29.

  17. Maceo – As always, thank you for the shoutout… I will NOT work at
    that station as long as Mike Jerrick, Jennaphr Frederick, and Keeley
    are on the payroll. Bump them off – and you got a deal 🙂

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