Now Kerri Lee Is Leaving Fox29 For Good

Dan Gross has the story.


14 responses to “Now Kerri Lee Is Leaving Fox29 For Good

  1. Who is next to go from this horrific station? I would be fine if it were Jerrick, Frederick, or Keeley. Or Tobin and his neck.

    Best of luck to KLH and her “rash”

  2. Rash?? hmmm.

  3. Klein is reporting today that Sharon Crowley is next to exit…

  4. I have been told by a well-placed source that Crowley does NOT have a rash.

    All kidding aside, Crowley is one of the better reporters on this horrific station. Always did a good job. Good for her getting the NYC gig, although I suspect the folks at Rouge and Parc might be upset she is leaving town….


  6. We will find out the seriousness of the “rash” via the next station press release….

  7. I’m cracking up! Which is more believable – Kerri Lee’s rash or that Kevin Kolb has a bright future in Philly?

  8. Have all the Dawn Stensland bridges been burned??

  9. not only burned, they were nuked!

  10. Every few years there is a scandal involving a personality at one of the other news stations but Fox 29 is an ongoing soap opera! What’s up with that? A RASH???? There had to be a hundred less absurd, bogus excuses that could have been made for Kerri Lee’s absence. Too funny!!!

  11. Good to hear from Hal Sacks !! He and Marv bring some nice perspective around here representing the “Old Guard”.

  12. Anyone check Bolaris to see if he had any involvement in it?

  13. Is Bolaris still even at Fox29? Talk about flying under the radar!

  14. Looks like Fox sent that Cohn lady to a hairstylist. Still tore up, but at least she dont look like an old lioness. Just tore up.

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