Former NBC10 Anchor Reveals Childhood Trauma

Former NBC10 anchor Don Lemon, who works for CNN, revealed he was the victim of a pedophile.


16 responses to “Former NBC10 Anchor Reveals Childhood Trauma

  1. thedogatemyhomework

    …and it was incredibly gratuitous. There is no reason for a news presenter to reveal something like this, except for a ratings or sympathy ploy.

  2. After seeing him on the air, apparently many viewers were traumatized too

  3. He was sooooooo pathetic when he was a CAU. He truly is a lemon in the broadcasting world.

  4. Another spot-on assessment by CONNECTED !


  6. Too kind, CONNECTED. I may need to hire you and Maceo to be my personal PR guys. I could send you press releases, you can send out, and then they would appear here 🙂

  7. You all need to get a room.

  8. Why? So you could watch??

  9. There are some things we must take to our graves. I’m not saying he was wrong for the disclosure, but why now?

  10. Wow, good comeback, Potsie.
    It’s obvious, so I DON’T have to watch, or read. You really are king of the nerds. Is WJ actually Ralph Malph?


    That’s how this station operates. Anyone remember Renee’s artificial insemination or Cherie Banks going through breast cancer?

  12. JAO — Much to your chagrin, I am not Ralph Malph. Nor am I related to Ralph. Sorry to disappoint you.

  13. And the fact that he’s not on the station with Banks/Chenault is conveniently ignored.

    But that aside, it’s kind of the job of all media outlets to get ratings. You know, capitalism and all that–making money to keep your operation going.

  14. WJ, don’t get yourself upset over the fact that you aren’t Ralph Malph. You can still have a satisfactory life, just try not to set your sights too high. Be happy if you can one day walk and chew gum. The world needs ditch diggers, too.

    CNN is in the business of ratings. However, if they want to be considered a serious news agency, then they need to stop taking a page out of the National Enquirer’s playbook and keep to reporting the news, not gossip and inside dirt on their employees. I’m sure CNN thinks that they are better than the Enquirer, yet with this sort of reporting, they are barely equal with the Enquirer. With the Enquirer, at least they are honest in knowing what it is that they are giving you.
    CNN, NBC10, CBS3, et al, try to pass off Enquirer-esque stories as hard news stories. I don’t care that someone on the tube who reads the news was once abused, was artificially inseminated, survived cancer or makes for a terrible spouse. Just tell me the news. If any of them feel the need to share their stories, then they should write a book or donate their time to groups or agencies that deal with these issues. The fact that they are telling their stories on air only shows that they need their egos stroked and that they believe that any attention is good attention. Well, here’s news dor them, it isn’t.

  15. Whatever happened to the local news format that ran shootings and accidents instead of ego stories? Was just thinking about when reporters just talked about their stories while the film footage ran on a projector screen, ala the original Eyewitness News Format. I have yet to hear about the shootings in Atlantic City in recent weeks that should be reported on philly TV especially now that the police layoffs have taken effect, there will be more due to the lack of policed streets, just like what happened in philly in 2006-2007!

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