Phillies on TBS

So does TBS stand for Totally Boring Sportscasters?


13 responses to “Phillies on TBS

  1. Yes it does. zzzzzzzzzz

  2. worst ever!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Why can’t we have our guys?


  5. Several options to “solve” this problem

    1) Flip over to WPHT and hear Franzke, LA, Tmac, and Wheels. They split up the innings to give the tv guys some time on the radio.

    2 ) Flip over to 950/97.5 and get the national broadcast on ESPN radio.

    3) XM carries the Reds broadcast feed, and those guys arent bad either.


  6. WJ, Wheels?? For real??

  7. Not saying I endorse flipping over to Wheels… Just saying that the home town broadcast is an option, which would include Wheels. 😉

  8. Then again, its the only place to hear Wheels yelp out “No Doubles Defense” and “Fast Ball Middle In”…. 🙂

  9. Totally disagree. I thought Brian Anderson and Joe Simpson did a great job. They were not boring at all. Phillies fans are simply used to hearing their hometown announcers for an entire season and get used to a certain “sound.” Anderson and Simpson called a great game, but David Aldridge was a little shaky with field reporting and post-game interviews.

  10. I will say TBS has definitely stepped it up this year compared to the past two years. Their announcers in the past years were CLEARLY biased against the Phillies. This year they seem to be neutral in their comments and play-by-play.

  11. The broadcasters tried their best to get people to buy into the Reds! They were not anti- philly though were really in search of a longer series.
    Not sure who they were , though I would take anderson and simpson over wheeler and McCarthy anyday. Wheeler’s act is old and TMac makes way too many mistakes at the professional level. He is not in Trenton anymore….

  12. I enjoy it when people scream at me. So I like to listen to TMac.

  13. gerard soliwoda

    tbs guys were boring big time! they couldn’t stop talking about the rally towels/light towers during first two games at home vs reds in nlds! not looking forward to hearing buckcarver at all during nlcs/ws on fox, tuned into scott/l.a/t-mac/wheels/sarge & jj on radio during playoffs cause they never put me to sleep any of them & always keep me tuned in, great listen always!

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