The NBC10 Buzz

From NBC10:

NBC 10 News Today is a Facebook hit!

The morning team of Terry Ruggles, Aditi Roy, Bill Henley and Jillian Mele are well on their way to having 10,000 fans. Follow them on Facebook and catch them every  weekday morning from 5-7am!

 The Good News Is:

NBC 10 has gotten a huge response to Dawn Timmeney’s story on The Good News about a special needs 5th grader at Blue Bell Elementary. This inspiring story is a great example of what The Good News is all about.

And don’t forget to catch The Good News, every Friday at 5:30pm!


Next Week on the 10! Show

Monday the 11th: Flyers Alumni Keith Primeau stops by the studio to kickoff the 10-day countdown to the Flyers season-opener!

Tuesday the 12th: Academy Award-winning director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) talks about his new film ‘127 hours’ starring James Franco.

 Keeping up with…

Vai Sikahemawill be in San Francisco this weekend covering the Eagles/49’ers matchup.

 John Clarkheads to Cincinnati with the Phillies as they try to clinch the divisional series, the first step on their road back to the world series.

 Tracy Davidsonwill be in Austin, Texas on October 16th for the RTDNF (Radio Television Digital News Foundation)Seminar. Tracy will be part of a panel discussion on making complex financial stories engaging for local news viewers–something Tracy excels at and her viewers have come to appreciate!

Stacey Stauffer returns to work from maternity leave on Saturday, October 23rd!


Jillian Mele, Denise Nakano, Michelle Grossman and Ted Greenbergwill be at the Camden Aquarium this Sunday. Stop by to say hello and get admission discounts all day!

 Dr. Allison Brucker has been filing reports for NBC10. Allison is a board-certified ophthalmologist with degrees from Duke University and University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine .  You can catch her every Thursday at 5:30 on Be Well Stay  Well . 



3 responses to “The NBC10 Buzz

  1. Ted Greenberg at the Camden Aquarium — Talk about thrilling…..

  2. Would make better TV, if Greenburg were placed in the killer shark tank.

  3. The sharks would say — “Wow, who is this guy? “

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