Ted Greenberg And Mouth McFadden

NBC10’s Ted Greenberg reminds me of Mouth McFadden from One Tree Hill.


9 responses to “Ted Greenberg And Mouth McFadden

  1. Ted has the perfect face, for a dart board.

  2. ***off subject***
    Well peeps, it has been real. But its now time to go to Afghaniston. Hope to see ya’ll next year. Keep it real, real funny that is. Tell the news sista’s I said, holla at you next yr.

  3. Maceo – Thank you for your service to our country. Stay safe and God Bless.

  4. Stay safe Maceo.

  5. We salute you!

  6. Way to go Maceo, many thanks.

  7. Please be safe, Our Friend!

  8. Must be a slow news week yet again!
    Go PHILS!!!

  9. Apparently it must also be a slow “press release” week yet again…..

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