NBC10 Launches New Channel

From NBC10:



Unique Mix of Local News, Information, Entertainment and Lifestyle Programming Available to Viewers 24/7.

Bala Cynwyd, PA  (October 25, 2010) – NBC 10 Philadelphia has launched NBC Philadelphia Nonstop, a unique round-the-clock local information and lifestyle broadcast channel.

 This second channel increases local programming offered by NBC 10, Philadelphia’s most innovative local news source.  Shows and segments focus on food, culture, entertainment and lifestyle stories that have special interest to those living in the Philadelphia area.

In making the announcement, Dennis Bianchi, President and General Manager of NBC 10, said:  “We are so excited and energized about the launch of NBC Philadelphia Nonstop.  There is nothing even remotely like it available in the region — a 24-hour local channel focused on what’s going on and what’s of interest to those in the Philadelphia area.  It’s a great feeling for all of us at NBC Philadelphia to be able to expand our product offerings and do more of what we love to do — create and produce great television!”

Programming for NBC Philadelphia Nonstop features a mix of shows produced specifically for the Nonstop channel. They include audience favorites from NBC 10’s Emmy-winning HealthWatch, ConsumerWatch and Investigators franchises.

Other new programs are “The Rundown”, a daily show focusing on news of the day told in an informal style. “The Scene” features the people, places and events that make our region unique. “Foodies” celebrates local restaurants, chefs, food and cooking. “Dawn’s Pet Project” is about pets and the people who love them. “Phamous” goes behind the scenes of The 10! Show for longer chats with celebrity guests. And we’re proud to introduce the region’s only live 7pm news hour, NBC 10 News at 7, anchored by the news team you already know and trust: Lori Wilson, Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz, and Vai Sikahema.

This is just the beginning.  Over the next several months more local programming will be introduced, featuring anchors and reporters from NBC 10, in addition to contributions from food and fashion experts throughout our region.

NBC Philadelphia Nonstop is the second 24/7 channel supported by NBC Local Media.  New York Nonstop debuted two years ago, and announcements of launches in other cities will be made in the near future. 

NBC Philadelphia Nonstop is available on every major cable system in the market and Mobile DTV.

It can be seen on COMCAST Xfinity 248, VERIZON Fios 460, and over-the-air on NBC 10.2

9 responses to “NBC10 Launches New Channel

  1. We see too much of Lori Wilson as it is. It’s as though she’s taking over NBC10. She babbles too much and seems to have an opinion on everything.

  2. What about Renee???
    BTW Ted Greenberg will make a much better anchor IMO than Jameson Uhler with more anchor time and repitition.
    I Don’t get why people would watch news at 7pm especially with Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and Entertainment tonight/The Insider getting better ratings! (I know the newscast is just on the subchannel but what happens after oprah retires and the void opens up for the shifting of newscasts!)


  4. This is exactly what we DON’T NEED, more local TV news. Some of the worst programming in the history of TV. Give it a rest local TV management, Enough already.

  5. NBC10 could barely produce a quality newcast before, now they are adding ANOTHER HOUR? Just what we need….more of something that we already had too much of!

  6. Agree with the others. Completely not needed. Their programming is wretched (e.g. 10! Show). Another waste of shareholder $

  7. Ch 10 the most innovative? The last to go HD? The last to still use tape? The last in the ratings?

    Anyone know how the Union did on 6.2/Livewell? That is an effective use of the other channels… this? Pass.

  8. Next 10 will be showing pigeons sitting on the ledges of center city buildings “dropping” on the folks below.

  9. They should also consider moving the 10! show to Philadelphia Nonstop and replacing it with “Access Hollywood Live”. Other shows they should do for Philadelphia Nonstop: “LX Philly” and “Daily Connection”. Also, wondering why they are going with Lori Wilson for NBC 10 News at 7pm, and why it isn’t being called “Philadelphia Nightly News” (as the New York and Miami stations did for their 7pm news). Will Lori still be on at 4pm and 10pm (PHL 17).

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