Larry Kane And The Beatles

PHILADELPHIA—November 3, 2010—Legendary Philadelphia Anchorman and Emmy-award winning broadcast journalist Larry Kane has announced plans to expand his “Ticket To Ride”  Tour to locations across the nation, following a successful premiere of 12 shows at the world-famous Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. Kane and the show’s producer, rock impresario Denny Somach, have announced an association with Dynamic Artists of San Francisco, to expand bookings nationwide.
The highly acclaimed “live” interactive show, features intimate conversation from Kane and a unique, and exclusive video and multi-media look at Kane’s extraordinary experiences as the only American reporter to travel inside the Beatles’ official traveling party to every stop on the historic 1964 and 1965 tours of North America, and recently appeared on the Today Show to discuss the 70th Birthday of John Lennon. 
“The ultimate insider’s account of life in the whirlwinds that were the Fab Four’s 1964 and 1965 tours.” (Chuck Darrow, Philadelphia Daily News)
The show features never before seen personal interviews with the band and includes extraordinary footage of the Beatles’ and their adventures while touring.  Kane, known for his amazing story telling, shares his personal stories about life on the road with the Beatles and the lifelong friendships he has built with the Fab Four. The “Ticket to Ride” show has been such a success, Kane recently added two additional shows at the Sellersville Theater in Sellersville, PA on December 5th
“It’s a thrill to be able to bring these stories of my most exciting adventure ‘live’ and in person to audiences that get an inside look at the traveling, the phenomenon, and mostly, the four guys who I watched make such intense history. We go from the hotels, the dressing rooms, the airplane, to every single pulsating moment. This is truly a story for the ages and for all ages. I love telling it and I think so far that the audiences are really enjoying it,” said Kane
 “It’s the closest we’ll ever get to being there ourselves. And the free giveaway CD of Larry’s
interviews with the guys is a real treasure. You could have heard a pin drop in the audience” 
(Cindy Drue, WMGK Radio.)

“It was one of most riveting ‘live’ shows with enough inside information to last a lifetime.”
(Kal Rudman, famed publisher of the Friday Morning Quarterback.)
So what’s the inside story on Larry Kane and Denny Somach?
Kane is a proclaimed Beatles historian and NY Times best selling author of Ticket to Ride:  Inside the Beatles’ 1964 and 1965 Tour that Changed the World and Lennon Revealed. Kane is one of nations most experienced and respected anchors and reporters who have been impacting broadcasting for 50 years.  He is currently a consultant for the Comcast Programming Group and hosts a weekly show called “Voice of Reason,” along with his role as special contributor on KYW Newsradio in Philadelphia. He has interviewed an extensive list of ‘who’s who’ news makers over the years, covered 21 national political conventions and interviewed every President from Lyndon Johnson to Barack Obama.. Kane recently mixed his love for politics and the Beatles and rekindled his friendship with a reunion at the White House with Paul McCartney at McCartney’s gala East Room show and acceptance of the national Gershwin Award from President Obama.  Additionally, Kane just announced the release of his book, “Ticket to Ride”, on the e-book/Kindle platform for the first time.
Denny Somach is a Grammy award recipient, rock historian, program producer and author of two books on the Beatles.  He has developed nationwide radio broadcasts, and created worldwide marketing programs for the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, BB King, Yes and numerous others. Denny is also the founder of the Classic Rock Society of America.
“In an environment where live programming is challenged, we have produced a family friendly show that brings people closer to the beloved Beatles, and it’s a show without sticker shock on the ticket prices,” says Somach.
Larry Kane’s Ticket to Ride is produced by Denny Somach Productions (  The live and interactive multimedia show is being booked by Dynamic Artists (       

5 responses to “Larry Kane And The Beatles

  1. Larry Kane was washed up years ago. The fact that he is still kicking and alive is a credit to his longevity.

    On one hand, it is somewhat pathetic that he is still hanging on to his past. On the other hand, it is equally as admirable and says something about staying power. That being said, his blog ( is pretty lame.


  2. Hard to believe after all these years, LK is still milking the Beatles.

  3. Hard to believe that LK is still milking ANYTHING after all these years.

    He sure has gotten plenty of mileage out of the CN8/Comcast Network tires.

    Maybe he and Lynn Doyle have a little somethin’ somethin’ ?

  4. Ever notice how insipid the Beatles’ lyrics were before they linked up with Larry on the USA tour? She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah.
    It was after they met Larry that they became more sophisticated in their writing. He must have been a major influence!

  5. Sorry, WJ. Lynn only gives out somethin-soemthin to advance her career.

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