Brandy Headlines 6ABC Thanksgiving Day Parade


5 responses to “Brandy Headlines 6ABC Thanksgiving Day Parade

  1. Ummm… Will Brandy be behind the wheel? Heaven help us!

  2. AMEN, LU

  3. The Philadelphia Thanksgiving parade is one of the most underwhelming events on the annual calendar. Turnout is quite low. Demand for the event is also quite poor. 6ABC uses this as a programming vehicle, much to their credit. But I dont know too many people who would be upset if this thing went away. Macy’s parade from NYC does the trick.

  4. it’s the oldest thanksgiving day parade in the nation so it has historical value as people remember it from the Gimbels days. Same goes for the Mummers Parade, may it live on forever!
    BTW Didn’t 6ABC have the same guests last year (Justin guarini and Sam Champion along with Kelly!) just sayin!

  5. BTW a friend of mine who is a radio host in South Jersey says kids today don’t know what a factory is… Teach your children what a factory or manufacturing plant is.

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