Norman Braman on Real Sports

Former Eagles’ owner Norman Braman is featured in the story about the Florida Marlins’ battle for a new stadium on “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” on HBO.


8 responses to “Norman Braman on Real Sports

  1. Gee will the marlins actually have people go to their games once they get their new stadium? What about the site of the old orange bowl what is miami doing with that?


  3. Why so sarcastic 3 and 6 fan, at least do some research instead of just spewing out nonsense. The Marlins WILL have people go to games at the new stadium that sits on the site of the Orange Bowl. Folks in downtown and southern Dade County didn’t make the trek to Miami Gardens. The stadium will hold under 40,000 and the area is slowly but surely being revitalized. Miami is a much more happening city than Philly, that’s for sure.

  4. wheres wacky jack???

  5. I SECOND JAMES K!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 3 and 6 Fan :

    The Orange Bowl site is being torn down to construct the new Baseball stadium for the Marlins. See the Marlins website

  7. I second CONNECTED!

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