Former NBC10 Reporter Lands On Fox29

Former NBC10 reporter Karen Hepp appeared on Fox29 Tuesday.  Hepp, who worked in New York for a few years,  always maintained a residence in the area.


9 responses to “Former NBC10 Reporter Lands On Fox29

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  2. Great news, a real hot babe! Karen, Lauren & ME, perfecto!

  3. Welcome back to Philly Karen.

  4. Karen is pretty sharp. Good reporter. And very good looking in person.

    A solid move by a not-so-solid phony channel.

    Would still love to see them implode the morning show and put Jerrick, Keeley, and Frederick out to pasture.

  5. ditto to that wacky jack……
    the 3 stooges on the fox morning show!

  6. It is great move. Because I cant stand to watch the 5,6, or 10 anymore for one reason and that Thomas Drayton he think is so so funny and slick BLAH Like to see Hepp and Kerry Hinkle Barrett do the NEWS again let me use that word NEWS because the 3 shows I mention before dont do it anymore.

  7. I think that Drayton should go and give Lauren Cohn and Karen Hepp the lead anchor spots. I am not a fan of Thomas Drayton.

  8. MORE & MOST IMPORTANTLY, WJ IS BACK!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!

  9. Connected — You are too kind.
    Its good to be back too.
    Happy Holidays to the Connecteds!

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