It’s Your Call Renewed

It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle will continue on The Comcast Network and Retirement Living for another year.  It airs on The Comcast Network Sunday at 8:30 p.m.


5 responses to “It’s Your Call Renewed

  1. BIG DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A non-factor in today’s media landscrape. What other job can Lynn Doyle get in this market. Isnt this the same company that employs Arthur Fennell. O’Yea, what program does he do. Yes, I thought you would know. Guys, I guess thats where our cable bill money is being diverted.

  2. Who does she have neked pic’s of? Oops, yea she married the boss.

  3. How about a youth movement at this dreadful network?

    Lets get Jill Horner some more time besides that Comcast Newsmakers show she does. Or bring back Jen Boyette and her yummies.

  4. Stealing money! She is way past her time…..

  5. I must have missed her “prime.”

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