Philadelphia’s Phil

Condolences to the family of longtime Sixers beat writer Phil Jasner, who died of cancer at the age of 68. Jasner was a regular on Comcast SportsNet’s Daily News Live and frequently appeared on WIP 610-AM throughout the years.

Jasner, a graduate of Temple University, is survived by his son Andy, who is also a sportswriter, and two granddaughters.


11 responses to “Philadelphia’s Phil

  1. PHIL, YOU WERE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS!!!!! His funeral is Wed(8) at Goldstein’s Rosenberg’s @ 6410 N. Broad St. @ 10am. He should have 100’s of people there celebrating his rich and rewarding life.

  2. Phil Jasner

    Respected locally
    Respected nationally
    Revered by many generations
    Revered by coaches
    Revered by players
    And… answered email from readers!!

    He will be missed. “Ohev Shalom” as the Jewish people say.

  3. very good person. he will be missed.

  4. I remember Phil breaking stories for The Temple News in the early 1960’s
    I think we may have given him a chance to do WRTI Sports along with Merrill Reese & Tom Cardella, but he preferred the print media. A seminal influence for all Journalism students back then was the legendary Prof. J. Douglas Perry with his “5 W’s & an H”. Phil never forgot how to get the story.

  5. Hal Sacks always adds some nice perspective from the “old guard”

    Tom Cardella – also a name from the past…. he hung around a little too long… listening to him on the Eagles post-game shows became painful

  6. Cardella, known personally to me, has always been an idiot!

  7. The worst of Cardella was the way he would rattle off the names of the hosts of that awful post-game show… Paused for 10 seconds each time

    “Cardella……………………..Bergey……………………….Reilly…………………..Youre listening to the post game show……………on 94……………….YSP”

    He sure sounded stupid.

  8. Enough on Tom Cardella, do you have any positivities or negativaties on Stan Walters?

  9. Stan Walters was terrific. Aside from being funny, he was very honest about what he saw on the field. Unlike, Quick, he also spoke english.

  10. thanks, everyone. i appreciate the kind words about my dad. it means a lot, especially through this difficult time.

    andy jasner

  11. Andy — Your father was a gem. My condolences.


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