Merrill Dedicates Eagles’ Broadcast To Phil

Eagles’ announcer Merrill Reese dedicated Sunday night’s broadcast of the Eagles-Dallas game Sixers beat writer Phil Jasner, who died of cancer last week. Reese and Jasner were classmates at Overbrook High and Temple University.


4 responses to “Merrill Dedicates Eagles’ Broadcast To Phil

  1. Merrill should quit the “Just For Men” treatments.


  3. Merrill said: Phil was GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Merrill Reese is a nice person and longtime Philadelphia community contributor, and hats off to his dedication of Sunday’s game to another great man, Phil Jasner. But Merrill Reese is not a good nuts and bolts RADIO play-by-play announcer. Too often when you hear the Eagles audio highlights put up against the Eagles video highlights they’re a match, because his radio play-by-play is really TV play-by-play and we SEE the highlights, thus the audio matches up. His call of the Eagles first play from scrimmage long TD pass from Vick to Jackson in the Monday night game at Washington was an example of the lack of his radio call abilities. Simply not enough visual description and exact location AHEAD of the action that the radio audience does not have the advantage of seeing for themselves. Yet, perception is reality and folks in Philadelphia think he does a great job. Enthusiasm, great guy, tribute to the community yes. RADIO play-by-play abilities, no.

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