My Favorite Holiday Shows

In honor of the outrageous and hilarious Family Guy Christmas special Sunday night, here are some of my favorite holiday specials, etc.

Charlie Brown Christmas
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
A Divas Christmas Carol (with Vanessa Williams)
Ebbie (with Susan Lucci)
It’s a Wonderful Life
Home Alone
The Hanukkah Song by Adam Sandler
Brady Bunch Christmas episode

What are some of yours?


17 responses to “My Favorite Holiday Shows

  1. Love all these movies. Laura: any info on why Erin O’Hearn’s bio was removed from 6abc’s site? Thought she was kind of a rising star over there. Did she jump ship to another station/market?


  3. wow…good catch! She hasn’t been doing much lately other than ‘website wednesdays.” I liked her but maybe they canned her because didn’t she just get back from maternity leave..and now shes leaving again?? TV business is brutal.

  4. Sorry Michael, that would cost 6ABC big-time in a lawsuit. So its something else. Supposedly, Michael Klein @ Inkwaster is working on a tip. We’ll see.

  5. According to Dan Gross of the Daily News, he has confirmed that she is still employed at 6ABC.

  6. Sounds fishy. Last time she was on maternity leave, they didnt take her bio down. Also, when Monica was on maternity, her bio stayed up. When Lisa Thomas-lary was sick for years her bio remained. C’mon Klien & gross theres more to this story. Get on it!!

  7. No way…i’m telling you they canned her for the prego. They may never come out and say it but I bet ya thats it.

  8. When Dave Roberts retired, his bio was on their website for at least two months. I agree, somethin smells bad at 6.

  9. Inside tip: The name of the erson who “really” knows is Mara Webb, who handles the “PR” stuff for 6ABC.

  10. My all time favorite holiday show: Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol!
    Happy Holidays!

  11. What Klien & Gross is 6ABC spin! They are holding back on the truth for whatever reason.

  12. Based on a tip, Erin will NEVER NEVER be seen on 6ABC again!

  13. I am hearing the same thing as CONNECTED.

    Someone needs to press the station. Suggest email to


  14. Why all the intrigue? Why wont 6ABC & Erin just admit its caio baby! Thats more interesting than the departure itself.

  15. Something must be up because she’s missing from the ‘new’ circle 6 Big Board commercials. Does anyone think it’s remotely possible she was talking to 29 about becoming co-anchor of the 10?

  16. Anon, unlikley, but we can hope!!!!!

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