Eagles Post Game Live Gets Record Ratings

Comcast SportsNet’s Eagles’ Post Game Live scored the highest ratings in its 14 years on the air with a 5.2 rating (155,000 households).

After exciting games like Sunday, these are the times I love CSN and WIP (even Paul Jolovitz).


8 responses to “Eagles Post Game Live Gets Record Ratings

  1. And as always, Ray Didinger brings stacks of notes and papers and other crap onto the set. At the start of each show, Ray fiddles around with these notes. Didnt he just spend 3+ hours watching the game? Does he really need all of this?

  2. Every time the Post-Game show starts, you see the rest of the panel looking at the camera except Didinger who is poring over all this notes from the game. I’m surprised no one has told him to forget about the notes and look at the camera. That always stands out when I’m watching the show.

  3. Dont beat-up on Jolly. He’s the poster child for wasted Penn education. but then again, who did he cheat off to get thru Penn??

  4. Sorry but Jolly is a totally self-absorbed idiot.

  5. Miguel is correct about Didinger. Spends the whole show paging through his notes. Never answers the question without a pause and a “Well…..”

  6. Didinger, most over-hyped sports person in Phila. history

  7. For someone who is a purported expert, Ray Didinger provides little insight or analysis that an alleged Hall Of Famer is supposed to offer up

  8. Look Ray has a good demeanor, though he is not cut out for TV, his radio show with Glen Macnow is very good, One of the best on the weekend.
    Jolly is a washed up wanna be stand up comic with any Ivy league Education. Scary! He keeps turning up like a bad penny, won’t take the hint! WEAK! Give it up and put your education to somehting more constructive. Comedy, sports? Give me a break! Paul needs some guidance. Go into teaching.

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