Local TV Year In Review

Here’s the 2010 local television year in review.

The Early, Early, Early Show – All of the local stations (except NBC10) launched 4:30 a.m. newscasts.  Fox29 pulled a TBS by starting at 4:25.

Gone National – NBC10’s Kristen Welker was promoted to the NBC Nightly News.

Recycling Project – Former NBC10 newspeople Karen Hepp and Lauren Cohn joined Fox29.

Goodbye – Veteran weatherman Dave Roberts retired and reporters Lauren Wilson and Denise James also departed from 6ABC.   Currently,  Erin O’Hearn’s status is up in the air.  After replacing Dawn Stensland at 10 p.m., less than six months later Kerri Lee Halkett was gone from Fox29.

Format Change – Fox29 switched to a more interview-commentary newscast.

Notable Newcomers – Lisa Hillary of Comcast SportsNet, Shirleen Allicot of 6ABC, Justin Drabick of CBS3, NBC10’s 24 hour channel

Spinal Tap Drummer – Erika von Tiehl becomes the fourth co-anchor to join Ukee Washington on the CBS3 morning news, following Liz Keptner, Susan Barnett, and Amy Caples.

Mellowing With Age – Former tabloid staple John Bolaris had a scandal-free year. 

Still The Same – Former NBC10 troublemaker Vince Dementri found himself out of a job in NYC after an altercation with a driver.  

Good Year For CSN – Thanks to the great years of  the Flyers, Phillies, and Eagles.

For Who, For What – Better Philly on myPHL17


18 responses to “Local TV Year In Review

  1. Worst Station — Hands Down. Fox29… The station continues to have the horffiic morning team of Scary Steve Keeley, Creepy Mike Jerrick, and annoying Jennaphr Frederick. Sports is a train wreck with Anthony Cuz Gargano and his suits which dont fit. Their format is awful. Their content is pathetic. Their turnover is alarming.

  2. Who were the reporters Inspector Castro was allegedly doing?

  3. Now that someone has mentioned it, I heard it was Sharon Crowley.

  4. Fourth to join Ukee? Try fifth… Pat Ciarrocchi was the first when he went to news in 1996.

  5. Sharon Crowley was *VERY* happy to leave Fox29 and the awkward entreaties of one MIKE JERRICK.

  6. If true, getting away from Castro had to be motivating.

  7. One other category

    Biggest Blerd = Dray Clark, CBS3. Beats out Thomas Drayton and Dave Huddlestone.

  8. Dave Roberts actually retired in December of 2009, right before the first of the big 3 blizzards we got last winter.

    Sharon Crowley also left the market this year. She currently works for both WWOR-TV My 9, and WNYW-TV Fox 5 up in North Jersey and NYC. Both are sister stations of Fox 29. Crowley still continues to file New Jersey stories for Fox 29.

    Speaking of Fox 29, their new format is awful. I don’t watch the 5, 6, or 10 PM newscasts as much as I use to. It’s like watching a local version of Fox News Channel. However, I still watch Good Day Philadelphia and the 11 AM newscasts. At least their 11 AM newscast still follows a traditional news format.

  9. I know I am quite outspoken about how awful Fox29 has become, but its not surprising to see others feel the same way

  10. I agree, that Cuz dude has a body & face for radio. Bet he paid that gal to marry him.

  11. Hands Down worst News Station is Fox 29 there 5,6 & 10pm shows are BAD!!! Like Chris I also watch the Morning and 11am news on 29. But havent and will not watch the 5,6, & 10 till they change format.

    And to Wacky Jack have a Merry Christmas Love reading your comments!!

  12. You are all too kind and its great to be recognized by the other commenters.

    @ mshottie — I have noticed that the Cuz does not wear his wedding ring on the air. Maybe he has puffed up so much that it wont fit on his muffin sized fingers.

  13. Robert - 6abcFan

    You forgot Doug Kammerer on CBS3! He left to go work in D.C.

  14. WJ, From what I hear, that marriage is a sham.

  15. Connected — That would NOT surprise me. Cuz is too engrossed with himself and his ability to get on the air with his boys and jocksniff.

    He is NOT a good journalist, as he is too busy sucking up to everyone and pretending to be friends with the players. He always calls these guys by their nicknames (Trot, J-Roll, 5 etc). He is a suck up and a phony.

    What woman would want to deal with that?

  16. Brother WJ, I could tell you stories about that jack-ass, you’d wet your pants. Best part, I KNOW they are all true!!!!!!!!!!

  17. The Cuz does indeed put the JACK, in Jack-ass.

    One of the all-time biggest phonys and frauds in Philadelphia history

  18. WJ, I have to agree! Fox 29 is a disgrace . The morning show is AWEFUL! How does that Frederick have a job, she is a freak! Anthony Gargano is a disgrace to journalism, he is so full of himself he’s about to implode! Never worked there or have an axe to grind, but it is the worst news format EVER! I call it as I see it! Poor all the way around.

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