Fav Sportscasters

Who are your favorite Philly sportscasters?

CBS3 – Beasley Reece, Steve Bucci, Jamie Smith (sub), Lesley Van Arsdall

6ABC – Jamie Apody, Keith Russell, Jeff Skversky

NBC10 – Vai Sikahema, John Clark, Howard Eskin

Fox29 – Tom Shredenzek, Anthony Gargano, John Anderson

Comcast SportsNet – Michael Barkann, Neil Hartman, Leslie Gudel, Amy Fadool, John Boruk, Gregg Murphy, Derrick Gunn, Ron Burke, Lisa Hillary, Dei Lynam, Marshall Harris

WIP – Angelo Cataldi, Rhea Hughes, Al Morganti, Joe Conklin, Keith Jones, Hugh Douglas, Rob Charry, Glen Macnow, Anthony Gargano, Howard Eskin, Ike Reese, Rob Ellis, Brian Startare, Paul Jolovitz, Sonny Hill, Ray Didinger, Big Daddy Graham, G. Cobb

ESPN – Harry Mayes, Tony Bruno, Mike Missanelli, Dan Schwartzman, Jon Marks, Sal Paolantonio

Baseball – Tom McCarthy, Scott Franzke, Chris Wheeler, Jim Jackson, Larry Andersen, Gary Matthews

Football – Merrill Reese, Mike Quick

Basketball – Tom McGinnis, Marc Zumoff, Eric Snow

Hockey – Jim Jackson, Steve Coates, Keith Jones, Tim Saunders, Chris Therien


23 responses to “Fav Sportscasters

  1. Some “editing” is in order here

    1) There is no Jamie Fadool on Comcast. Her name is Amy Fadool.
    2) Omission — Big Daddy Graham (unfortunately) is still on WIP.
    3) Omission — Lesley Van Arsdall and her yummies , when not on maternity leave, also do sports on CBS3.

    Merry XMAS and Happy Holidays to everyone!

  2. More omissions

    4) Sarge Matthews left off the baseball roster.
    5) Howard Eskin does the sidelines for some Eagles games
    6) Double M Meredith Marakovits does the sidelines for home 76ers games.

  3. More mistakes from the list…

    7) Reuben Frank is on WIP.
    8) Reuben Frank and Ray Didinger are also on Comcast Sports Net.

    Perhaps Laura was having a few too many egg noggs when she compiled this list?

    Merry XMAS and Peace On Earth to all who celebrate the Birthday of Jesus.

    And to those who do not, see you at the movies (BIG thumbs up for The Fighter and Tangled) and the chinese restaurants. Enjoy your Mu Shu Duck


  4. Its hard to pick the best local sports on TV, because most stations have cut back the time spent on sports so drastically over the years. So i would pick NBC 10, mainly because of the Sunday Night Sports Final Show, its the best local sports show that is not on Comcast. I only watch local news occasionally for weather and quick news bits.
    For sports news i stick to the radio and Comcast.
    Overall the best local Sports personality Amy Fadool…………..great eyes.

  5. Without question, Comcast gets it. Especially if you take the sickening Michael Barkann out of the mix. His whole applying nicknames to people is a douche chill a minute. “R-Diddy” The Gove” V-Heb”. Call them by their GD names, we’re not twelve years old. Grow up. Berman is just as smarmy and sickening.

  6. Can’t believe I’m choosing a Fox29 personality but my choice is John Anderson. Maybe because he didn’t start out as a sportscaster however he knows his stuff, nothing obnoxious about the guy…I like him!

  7. What about slimmy Rhea? Scary Dei Lynam?

  8. Jamie Apody from 6abc

  9. Fox 29 is definitely the HEAVYWEIGHT. Between the two (Anderson and Gargano) it must be like 2 tons. “The Shredder” isn’t off the hook neither.. he has hips like a fat woman.

  10. Wait until Jolly porks up, again!

  11. Merrill Reese is done! Too many mistakes. The voice can carry you just so far!
    tom McCarthy much better on radio, he is brutal on TV have to tune him out. MISTAKES ay to many.
    Zumoff must have pictures on someone…….he is a one trick pony and has not improved at all.
    Jackson is solid with the flyers, hate him doing Phillies though.
    John Clark , like his energy. Sunday night very good with Vai.
    6 ABC sports……WEAK
    3 sports NO GOOD.

    Franske solid
    McGinnis solid
    Reese old and lost
    Flyers radio. fair to midland at best

    Thats my take on philly sports personalities

  12. Megan brings up a great point. Merril Reese makes plenty of mistakes.

  13. Sorry Fox 29 did not make the grade……that so-called parade of characters that our brought in to cover sports is a real JOKE!
    The only thing that can top that is Jenaphyr Fredricks covering sports!
    POOR all the way around.

  14. Merrill Reese is a nice person and longtime Philadelphia community contributor, but he is NOT a good nuts and bolts RADIO play-by-play announcer. Too often after a game when you hear the Eagles audio highlights put up against the Eagles video highlights they’re a match, because his radio play-by-play is really TV play-by-play and we SEE the highlights, thus the audio matches up. His call of the Eagles first play from scrimmage long TD pass from Vick to Jackson in the Monday night game at Washington last month was an example of the lack of his radio call abilities. Simply not enough visual description and exact location AHEAD of the action that the radio audience does not have the advantage of seeing for themselves. Yet, perception is reality and folks in Philadelphia think he does a great job. Enthusiasm, great guy, tribute to the community yes. RADIO play-by-play abilities, no.


  16. This city deserves a much better play by play person doing NFL football.
    Reese is done, HE is pushing a book. What else has he done besides the eagles on radio? He is no Harry the K

  17. Another great point by Megan, Reese does not do anything else but Eagles.

    The other three NFC East home team radio announcers are ALL regarded much higher than Marble Mouth Merrill.

    Giants — Bob Papa is a star. He does NFL Network. He does HBO boxing. He also does NBC Olympics

    Redskins – Larry Michael is quite versatile. He has also done Westwood One, HBO Boxing, and GWU basketball.

    Cowboys – Brad Sham also has done the Texas Rangers, the University of Texas, and NFL on Westwood One.

    We might all dislike these teams, but their announcers are SIGNIFICANTLY better than Merril, who does nothing more than scream out the yardlines (He’s at the 40, 35-30, 25-20, 10-5, touchdown) and his other screams (Its gooooooooooooooood).

    Major thumbs down to Merril..

    And Mike Quick is no star either. His most common line is “Yeah, thats right Merrril”


  18. I do agree with WJ , he is right on here! The eagles need to revamp their broadcast crew.

  19. Megan thank you for the shoutout. Happy New Year!


  21. G Cobb on the air in the middle of the summer during the Phillies season makes for really funny radio. He is completely unable to discuss anything, and he goes back to his standby routines (Negadelphia, Ugly Guy Show)

  22. Jamie Smith…GONE according to Marnie Hall.

  23. They all must teach at the Connecticut school of Broadcasting!
    Crime, stealing money from the un-educated……..

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