Tolley Working For Eagles

Former Channel 6 and Channel 29 sportscaster Don Tollefson is co-hosting a halftime highlights show with former Eagles Hugh Douglas at Lincoln Financial Field during Eagles’ games.

Maybe he’ll join former Channel 6 sportscaster and Phillies employee Scott Palmer who moved from broadcast television to a professional team.


19 responses to “Tolley Working For Eagles

  1. Poor Tolley, hustling at his age. Conicelli Infomercials, Eagles pre-season games, now working with the loser of all losers. All downhill since WPVI.

  2. I have seen some of these Halftime Highlight shows when attending Eagles games. Tolley is way too excited about describing these plays. Douglas, as always, is ill-prepared and confusded.


    Tolley — “Awesome 5 yard run there by the awesomely talented Shady McCoy”

    Hugh — “Yeah, he got a block there, from uh, what’s his name. And uh, they did a good job of clearing out space by neuterizing (sic) the defenders from the other team”

    Thanks Hugh, you moron

  3. Hugh as a moron, is being generous.

  4. Douglas is a total fool. He is never prepared for his radio shift. He proved unworthy of being on Fox29.

    I dont care that he is a “nice guy” or that “he was a great player” — he is easily one of the least impressive on-air personalities in Philadelphia in close to 25 years.

    Whats even worse is that frauds like Angelo Cataldi and Cuz Gargano actually think he adds something to their programs.

    Douglas should be ashamed of himself for being so incompetent

  5. Why must you constantly attack Hugh personally? Did he steal your wife? Did he steal your job? I’ve never seen someone have such a personal vendetta against someone like you do Wacky. Let it go already.

  6. Hugh isnt bad on the air, he seems like he tries to be honest, from his view as a former player……always remember Hugh for sayin… “its do or die….do or die!!!!” before a big game

  7. No vendetta here — Just need to call out his incompetence.
    While I agree he tries to be honest, it comes off as incoherent and sloppy.


    Like tolley though its time to enjoy life……..move on.

    Hugh is not good at all,


  9. The differnce Scott Palmer is a real professional, not a bobo like awesome Tolley.

  10. Of course everyone could use a lesson from Tolley on how to do an excellant sportscast! There is no steady sportscaster on any of the newscasts (one who works the 6 and 11 five nights a week like we saw before Gary Papa’s untimely passing!) anymore! Steve Bucci is on 3 more times than one can think (a good thing to see him back at his old job!) so where is Beesely Reese lately?

  11. Happy & Healthy New Year to the fine folks that post here!!

  12. Happy New Year to everyone that comes here

    First of all, to Laura for allowing us to comment
    Everyone else is terrific. Special WJ shoutouts to the following
    ** CONNECTED — a first-teamer
    **maceo — he is back serving his country, we thank him for that
    ** megan
    ** Hal Sacks …. he gives us that “old school” perspective a la Sonny Hill
    ** 3 and 6 Fan
    ** Marv

    Have a wonderful 2011

  13. Wow, its an honor to be named “first” team by WJ. Many thanks. Great New year to you, King WJ>

  14. Happy New Year to You Wacky Jack and the rest of the posters to this site!

  15. Was at the Eagles game yesterday and seen the Halftime show with Tolley and Hugh. I swear in the 7 min the show was on the Big Screen all Hugh did was smile laugh and said 3 words WOW

  16. Typical effort from fraud Douglas

  17. Hey,
    I hear Tolly is teaching at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Cherry Hill, NJ
    What a scam. Its a shame all the money Dick Robinson has flat out stolen from people who have no chance in hell to get into broadcasting!
    97.5 fm should be ashamed of themselves running those aweful commercial spots.

  18. Some of the guys at 97.5 actually teach at that school what a sham.
    Bring back Jody Mac

  19. Ed,
    I agree and that will be the end of their so-called career’s! It is the beginning of the end.
    No credibility at all! YOU don’t see Mikey Miss or Sal Pal teaching there!
    I rest my case!

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