OWN in Philly

The Oprah Winfrey Network, which debuted New Year’s Day, is on Verizon 161 and Comcast 54.


11 responses to “OWN in Philly

  1. Laura,
    Happy New Year.
    Let us know if you come across the now tv whereabouts of the medical examiner lady who used to be on OWN’s forerunner Discovery Health!

  2. I would like to ask for a clarification pleae.

    I flipped over to Comcast 54, and I found E!

  3. Another waste of air space.

  4. According to http://www.oprah.com, OWN is on Comcast 54, but maybe some of our Comcast users can let us know?

  5. Oprah website is wrong. No “OWN” on Comcast 54.

  6. I have Comcast and OWN is on channel 78 were Discovery Health channel used to be.

  7. Miguel — Thank you for the update, but on my Comcast system, I have the Speed Channel on #78

  8. Friends, whats the difference what channel OWN is, it’ll be awful programming anyway. This is just Harpo’s ego saying I have my own network!!

  9. I dont really care what its on, but I find it somewhat funny that the “Media Queen” is telling people to go to Comcast 54, when in fact, its the E! Channel.

  10. it’s on channel 82 on my comcast

  11. it’s on ch. 61 on my Comcast system.

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