Mayock Joins NBC Wild Card Saturday

Newtown Square resident Mike Mayock joins Tom Hammond for the New Orleans-Seattle Wild Card game Saturday at 4 p.m.  on NBC.

Mayock completed his first season as game analyst for Notre Dame football on the network.


5 responses to “Mayock Joins NBC Wild Card Saturday

  1. Now this guys knows football. Mayock has the ability to analyze on the spot and break down the play as it happens. (Something that Didinger cannot do, by the way). Good to see him on the air for the WC game. I see him from time to time at the Wawa (Rte 252 and Rte 3), and he is a nice guy too. Very pleasant disposition.

    We need more Mayocks on the air !

  2. WJ, so true, I worked with him and he was very nice. class act and knows the game!

  3. Completely agree with megan.

    2011 Wish list — More Mayock, Less Didinger

  4. WJ….you are so right about Mike. He does a fantastic job, and is not a huge ego. Mike makes the complex seem simple, and can put words together to better understand what just transpired.

    Berwyn Bob

  5. Always good to hear from Berwyn Bob. And totally agree 100%

    Mike does make the complex seem simple !

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