Franzke Wins Sportscaster Award

Congratulations to Phillies radio announcer Scott Franzke who was named Pennsylvania sportscaster of the year by the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association.

Franzke and the other winners will be honored at a banquet in Salisbury, MD in May.


10 responses to “Franzke Wins Sportscaster Award

  1. Correction, the awards dinner and home of the NSASA is Salisbury, N.C., not Md.

  2. Congrats Scott! Always a pleasure to hear him call a game with LA.

    Heard Keith Russells name said in the 11 pm open on 6 abc tonight. Do you think this means that he and Jamie will stop platooning?

  3. Congrats Scott!

    This is well-deserved!

  4. It is well deserved. It’s hard to work in the shadow of a legend, and he has managed it well.

  5. Very deserving. But, why is an PA award, held in MD?

  6. I am just curious, Why is an award for Pa held in North Carolina??

  7. Megan, It is NOT simply an award for Pa., there is a sportscaster and sports writer selected from all 50 states, plus a national winner in both categories. The association is headquartered in Salisbury, N.C. that is why the ceremony is there annually.

  8. He should be doing the play by play on TV.

  9. so true, lovestopaint.
    enough of tmac already. He has run his course. Send him back to the crowd to roam the park.

  10. Amen to that Megan!

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