BEN 95.7’s Mile of Meet Returns

From Ben 95.7-FM


Bala Cynwyd, PA (January 13, 2011): Let 95.7 BEN-FM help you find your Valentine on Friday February 11 (6-10p) at Manayunk Brewery & Restaurant (4120 Main St, Manayunk, PA) at the 7th Annual Mile of Meet. BEN-FM will line up a mile of eligible bachelors on Main St. Each bachelor will be holding a number. Single women will be able to walk down the street and “man shop”, jotting down the numbers of the men they are interested in on their “shopping list”. The women can then head inside to the “Check Him Out Counter” to look up bio/profile information on the man/men they were interested in. At 7:45p everyone will head inside for a party hosted by BEN-FM’s morning host Marilyn Russell and Steve Ward Host/Executive Producer of VH1’s Tough Love (and CEO of where the mixing, matching and mingling will begin.

This party will feature a variety of activities aimed at making the introduction/mingling process less stressful. BEN staffers will serve as “Icebreakers” and “Wingmen” to help shy attendees make their initial introduction to someone they are interested in. Attendees can also express interest in someone they’re attracted to by sending a text message that will be displayed on multiple TV screens throughout the venue. There will be an activity called “Take Him for A Spin” where women can write down the number of a bachelor their interested in and choose from among 4 tasks they’d like him to perform on stage. Russell and Ward will then invite the bachelor on stage to perform his task. Tasks may include: showing off “sexy” dance moves, doing pushups, taking off his shirt.

Women do not need to preregister for the event. All they need to do is show up. Guys need to preregister on 2/11 between 6p-7p or by going to as soon as today.


4 responses to “BEN 95.7’s Mile of Meet Returns

  1. Cut and paste….

  2. Hahahahahahaha!
    Is Manayunk Brewery a Cougar Bar?

  3. Is Lauren Cohn hangin there??

  4. Let the game begin!;-)

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