Philly Home Show Special

From 6ABC:

(Philadelphia, PA) – FYI Philly is dreaming and scheming at the 2011 Philadelphia Home Show!  On Saturday, January 15th, 6abc’s Adam Joseph and Karen Rogers give you an inside look at all that’s hot and happening in the world of home improvement.  Tour a suburban dream home that’s “green” from the ground up.  See if you can spot the huge hidden spaces in a tiny city apartment.  Plus, HGTV’s Chip Wade shares his tips for home remodeling projects, and Mary Caraccioli from the Live Well Network’s “Mary Talks Money” has a strategy to help pay for them.  Also, Adam Joseph reveals his own magnificent master bedroom makeover!  FYI Philly’s Home Show Preview packs aisles of ideas into one action packed half-hour, starting at 7 p.m.  Be sure to catch the rebroadcast of FYI Philly on Sunday, January 16th at 11:35 p.m., immediately following Action News at 11.

FYI Philly’s Home Show Preview is sponsored by Avalon Carpet Tile and Flooring.

FYI Philly is locally produced by 6abc, and highlights many of the features seen in Philadelphia Magazine.  Philadelphia Magazine is the official content partner of FYI Philly. For more information on FYI Philly and 6abc’s local programming, go to

WPVI-TV is the ABC-owned station serving the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys.


8 responses to “Philly Home Show Special

  1. Let the 2011 “cut and paste” jobs begin….

  2. Wacky Jack – you’re always slamming this column. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. It’s that simple! If you can do better, please provide a link to your creative entertainment blog…LOSER!!

  3. Dude, WJ is a Hall of Famer! Perhaps you should read his many, many pithy comments before you judge. Loser he is NOT!

  4. “Hall of famer.” Um, yeah. If that’s what the voices are telling you, sure.

  5. Connected – Thanks for the kind words.

    @ Jason — From time to time (not always), we have these annoying press releases appear on here. I dont find them interesting or enlightening. Plain and simple.

    I am not charging the author with crimes against humanity. Just some feedback that I am offering. Chill out…

  6. I Cant wait for the Auto Show!

  7. Site god has been resurrected!

  8. Nobody watches this stupid Home Show-show except for
    1. the people interviewed
    2. their moms and
    3. the dental hygienists who do the whitening treatments on the teeth of the two “talents”.

    It’s all bunkum and twiddle-twaddle.

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