Pierre Robert Signs For Four More Years With WMMR

Pierre Robert, who will be celebrating his 30th anniversary on WMMR this year, signed a new four-year deal with the station.


10 responses to “Pierre Robert Signs For Four More Years With WMMR

  1. Pleasing the pot dealers in the area….

  2. You’re a fat, 350 lb. loser who has nothing better to do than make disparaging comments….typical loser who insults hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. Get a life before it’s too late asshole.

  3. Laura, what about moderating this rectum???

  4. Jason, that ship sailed.

  5. Relax guys, pick up the bong and check the testosrone

  6. I think its great that Pierre is still around. I give him credit. He is a jovial guy. I merely said that his contract renewal will please the local weed dealers knowing PR is still in the mix

    Jason, on the other hand, got his panties in a bunch over the comment.

  7. Give Wacky a BREAK, he is just having fun. No need for any personal insults. Please.

  8. Megan – You are too kind. I am just keeping it real here.

  9. Here we go, the site policeman is back. Must be a Palin supporter.

  10. Keep the humor coming.

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