6ABC To Start 4 P.M. Newscast

6ABC will launch a 4 p.m. newscast with news anchors Brian Taff and Shirleen Alicott in May after Oprah ends her 25 year run.

We hear that Adam Joseph and new reporter Alicia Vitarelli will also be part of the newscast.


25 responses to “6ABC To Start 4 P.M. Newscast

  1. Shirleen — Big thumbs up. She is quite attractive, and a very good reporter/anchor.

    Taff — Getting better. Not as full of himself as he used to be.

    Joseph — Still not sure which side of the plate he hits from. Good weather guy.

    Vitarelli – Havent seen enough of her. Seems perky.

    • Shirleen is very attractive with a great sense of humor, ( are you married , if so he is the luckiest man in the world). 🙂

  2. Without a lead-in, will they get audience? If CBS3 put Dr. Phil at 4 and the news back at 5, they might do better….

  3. This is interesting though I knew I heard about this somewhere quite awhile ago…did some searching and it was another blog:
    I say, very cool–I think PVI could put a test pattern up with “Action News” and get more ratings than the other stations…

  4. 3 hours of news???

  5. What about Erin???????

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  7. Great, more empty news.

  8. Does the DMA needs another newscast? I guess 6ABC see the needs to further parade its on air “talents?” How much talent does one need to read from a teleprompter or to write a 90-second packaged report with two quotes included? More recycled, do-nothing-for-the-viewers newscast.

  9. Adam Joseph…i love him,

    and Erin O’Hearn was fired.

  10. As if someone’s romantic choices matter. Welcome to the new century—it looks like we haven’t evolved all that much.

  11. I find it very hard to watch Taff. He doesn’t mesh well with the Action News “machine” of personalities.

  12. I think the Whacker is right in his ratings of the proposed 6 talent.

    The end of Oprah represents a big opportunity for 3 and 10 …

    IMO Chris May-Susan Barnett and Dawn Timeney/T. Davidson are much more watchable than Brian Taff … but I haven’t seen anything that says to me the management at either station will be able to cash in on Oprah’s wrap.

  13. I read that Erin was on maternity leave. Did they really terminate her?

  14. Well, don’t you people know that Wacky Jack is Philly’s very own Casanova? A real ladies’ man: 350 lbs, glasses, pimply face, on the internet 24/7, mostly likely a pervert.

  15. Always good to hear from Marv.

    Both Marv and Hal Sacks are great contributors to this forum. Their inputs and historical perspectives are well-regarded and respected by all!

  16. Finally, more exciting news!

    I like Ms. Allicot. She is great with Matt in the mornings and is full of life! I would just like to see more professional-ism out of her.

    As for Mr. Taff, I’d like to see the exact opposite! He needs to loosen up a bit and become more personable and because he is with Shirleen, I think that this could very well happen.

    I would like to see Action News change the 4pm broadcast a bit. They shouldn’t stick the the regular news format. It should become more interactive. My ideas include having a daily weather web chat, getting responses on Facebook (or Twitter), and even having the viewers call into the station LIVE! for people to hear them!

    Sad to see that Rob and Lisa won’t be taking this position, but best of luck to Brian and Shirleen!

  17. By the way, In this 4pm broadcast, there will be 3 news anchors.

    Taff, Vitarelli, and Allicot.

    Source of Information: http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/the-insider/Life_after_Oprah_at_Action_News.html

  18. 6 abc lives on its’ laurel’s! The days of papa, tollefson and palmer are gone. The sports department is in shambles…..no creativity what so ever!
    The 4pm will have a tough nut to crack with oprah gone. The talent is very raw. Wish them the best.

  19. I think that 6abc should wait until September to debut the extra hour of Action News at 4 P.M. I would think that the ratings would still remain high for repeats of Oprah, which would air from her retirement in May until the new Fall season begins in September. I guess they are confident that the new 4 P.M. newscast will garner the same amount of ratings as Oprah’s.

  20. Brian Taff is definitely overrated. Ben Simmineau or even Dray Clark are better than him in my opinion.

  21. @BBWILSON – This anchoring position will, hopefully, give Mr. Taff a learning experience about how to become more personable on camera.

    I think of this team in a sense of checks and balances. Mr. Taff keeps the composure; Ms. Allicot and Mrs. Viteralli to add personality to the broadcast (and maybe even a couple of laughs).

    //CityWide Weather

  22. For some reason, management has crowned Taff as the new BMOC. His delivery still sounds like a Top 40 AM radio DJ “playin’ all the hits/all the time”

  23. It will be interesting to see how the new 4pm newscast does on Channel 6. I guess they want to compete with WCAU, which has already had a 4pm newscast for a while.

    As for Erin O Hearn, I read an article from about six weeks ago that said she was on maternity leave. Hopefully she wasn’t fired. She was a good reporter. Also, it would be rare for WPVI to fire someone, as they usually have most of their news people on the air for many years.

  24. Taff will be the nexy Peter Jennings leave him alone

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