I Want Joy Back At 9

I’m disappointed they moved Joy Behar to 10 p.m. I’m sure HLN moved her not to compete with sister station CNN’s new Piers Morgan show, but I’d rather watch Joy over Piers at 9.


11 responses to “I Want Joy Back At 9

  1. Waaaahhhh?

  2. It would be nice if they would move her to the wee hours of the morning. Better yet maybe move her right off the air. Can’t stand her.

  3. Third most annoying woman on TV, Nancy, and #1 harpo

  4. Talk about a non-value-added program. The entire HLN evening lineup is just silly

    With regards to Piers Morgan, he seems to be pretty good. Hopefully he will upgrade the guest list. LK was living in the past with his usual guests (Loni Anderson, Dionne Warwick, and Michael Moore).

  5. I find Morgan difficult to understand at times.

  6. Having problem with the Queen’s English? As for Joy Behar — What a waste of airtime!!!

  7. Of course Wacky Jack WOULD like Piers Morgan. The worst British import ever, a real pompous ass, Simon Cowell wannabee, much like Wacky Jack (he even has the JACK name!) How perfect of a role model Piers must be to him.

  8. Shhhhh, Jason, you’re letting the secret out. 🙂

  9. I was going to watch Pier’s show – but to me – it just seems utterly boring! I’ve seen Joy’s show before, and if I do say so myself, she is more entertaining; has a better set; and has great graphics!

    Although Wacky Jack is right. Headline News Network does need a “refresh” in it’s prime-time line-up.

  10. robert, is your nickname “spongebob” ?

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