Whose Snow Coverage Did You Watch

I watched lots of Fox29 and 6ABC. Good Day Philadelphia stayed on the air for a gut-busting 7 hours.


30 responses to “Whose Snow Coverage Did You Watch

  1. NBC10, although I only watched the newscasts & Days of Our Lives.

  2. I read Rob Guarino’s blog. He called it right from the beginning:

    • New Clear Power

      Frankly, all of them were awful. When they weren’t caught with their dopplers down with the first round of the storm they were too busy trading snipes with each other (Adam Joseph on facebook towards Bolaris) to realize they were all awful. Hurricane was man enough to admit defeat. Props to him.

      Ya’ll should check out Phillyweather.net. Much less hype than Guarino, much more accurate than the locals. It’s a great site and they provided great coverage of the storm last week without patting themselves on the back after the storm ended.

  3. They were all bad. Not one called it correctly.

  4. I would agree Robby G and his website called it right and hit a grand slam

  5. Agreed, mshottie. I too, Frank, follow Rob Guarino’s weather blog and find him to be the most accurate. A real shame he isn’t still doing TV.

  6. I did not watch any either. I specifically did not watch Fox 29 to see any of their terrible news anchors/reporters (Jerrick, Keeley, Frederick).
    I think Sue Serio is credible but I feel bad she has to work with such inferior talent like these people.

    • @Wacky Jack – I would have to disagree with you on calling Steve Keeley a “terrible” news anchor/reporter. He is very knowledgeable and gets the job done. If he was doing that “terrible” of a job, I think he’d be gone by now.

      However, to find some common ground, I’m not a big fan of Jennifer either. They use her more as the entertainment-gossip reporter, rather then for discovering and displaying in-depth news stories to the public.

      //CityWide Weather

  7. i watched fox29 and have become addicted to Good Day

  8. Jennifer Wexler

    Too busy digging out to watch anything!

  9. FOX 29 is a freak show period!!!!!!

  10. My boys were home from school, and we had Fox on for a little while in the morning. I do enjoy the 4:30 AM segment before I go to the Gym, but just because they are so bad. Wacky Jack is right about Fox.
    So Keely could not come to work because he did not have snow pants. What is that all about? Hard to believe as Glenn said last evening the 10th largest storm in the history of Philly. Did not seem that bad until I drove into Philly today. Market, JFK, and 18th street were in bad shape.
    Now I need to go home because I do not have snow pants.

    Berwyn Bob


  12. I rate Steve K as a knowledgeable guy, who knows the area, and works well live at a time of day when generally there are very few news sources available ….
    CBS 3 should grab him to bulk up its morning content with someone who knows the market … Working with veteran Philadelphian Ukee W, it would be apparent that SK can do it.

  13. You people are pathetic? Your obsession and or dislike for News personalities who don’t know that you are exist is astounding. You must live rather boring lives if you have to watch these people just to be aggravated. Certain posters are like broken records< No matter the Laura's blog is they can't resit injecting their familiar theme!!!!

  14. I think Fox 29 should hire Wacky Jack as part of their on-air talent. Because he represents a real Philadelphian: overweight, arrogant, ignorant & stupid. Exactly the kind of bottom feeder rodent this city needs.

  15. Comon’ Jason, Don’t pout. The Wackman is right again. Mike Jerrick is tiresome from the outset, and usually within a micron of falling off the edge of decency. Sue Serio is at least employed and remains the last bastion of professionalism at Fox 29.

  16. I would like to personally thank BOTH Berwyn Bob and the revered Hal Sacks for backing me up on this. Thank you Gentlemen

    Both Bob and Hal are well-informed and well-versed in these discsussions.

    And they are 100% accurate when it comes to how poor Fox29 is on multiple fronts.

    I seriously question how any Program Director would want to hire Mike Jerrick — his track record is one of utter failure, his act is beyond tiresome, and perhaps most importantly, he is NOT well-versed in issues.

    Shame on FOX29 for carrying on this charade of a telecast.

    Bravo to Hal Sacks and Bob

  17. I watched (of course) 6abc AccuWeather and NBC10 EarthWatch mostly.

    Even though all of the news stations were wrong, AccuWeather came the closet. EarthWatch was close.

    CBS3’s news broadcasts just seem “dry,” boring, and dull.

    Fox29 is very unprofessional, although I do like Steve Keeley. He is very insightful with his information. SAM is great aswell. I kind of wish she would have stuck around at AccuWeather…

  18. While I enjoy dumping on Fox29 as much as the rest of you guys, you have to admit that on these “marathon” days its fun to watch them “winging it”…the rest of the outlets with their “professionalism” (as Robert said) get to be rather “dry,’ boring, and dull” after the first hour or so…

    By the way, what do you guys think of the new weather-caster on KYW3, Kate Bilo?

  19. Wacky is right on! he tells it like it is…….fox morning show is a joke! Freaky looking people Steve k looks like a porn star and Jenny frederick, well lets just say she doesn’t look normal???? Her facial features can be misconstrued for some type of syndrome. jerrick is good ad – lib guy, though he does come off like a Creepy old man…….
    Not sure what channel had Ike Reese anchoring the sports, they should be ashamed of themselves, I have seen better high school talent! That is just aweful.

  20. Megan — Thank you for the kind words. You are a frequent contributor around here, so you are very credible.

  21. Megan — It is people like you that add to the abnormality to this world. I would rather have a face that “doesn’t look normal” than a mean spirit like yours. Take a good look at yourself and you would see what a horrible person you are for criticizing someone you considered as having a physical impediment. Shame on you. Physical disability is not a disease, it is haters like you that are diseased.

  22. I watched CBS3. To me Kathy Orr is the best meteorologist. I cannot stand Glenn on NBC10, too caught up in his ego. I can watch John Bolaris, but not teh FOX29 anchors. Adam Joseph and Cecily Tynan are pretty good, but I would rather watch Kathy on CBS3. To change the subject…I watch CBS3 morning and Kate Bilo seems pretty good, but they should fire Erika VT. She is probably the worst anchor CBS3 has ever seen. Why would they ever bring her up from Miami? Bad decision.

  23. BBW brings up something interesting — there doesnt seem to be alot of fans of EVT. Thoughts?

  24. Wj,

    I think EVT is over matched here! way too young to be in this big of a market.
    Someone made the decision with the wrong head?

  25. EVT isn’t the real problem, whoever keeps the door spinning at CBS3 is the problem.
    Talent turnover is a big big problem there.
    Recent AM anchor women have included Amy Caples, Liz Keptner, Susan Barnett (on way out after one year before Alycia ousted) … There may have been others I can’t remember … Weather talent Maria LaRosa is now at Weather Channel and appearing on Today Show after managers were slow to re -new her …. CH57 WakeUp News had anchor Karen Adams and weather Christa Quinn …
    Some of this happened before the current Station General Manager arrived, but he’s already been here two years. What is he doing to fix it? Is he even aware of it?

  26. EVT seem like a nice enough Kid but lacks a presence of an anchor. She looks forced, and lacks a relaxed appeal. She also needs to wear clothing that better matches her features. She is in a tough spot, and appears not to be getting the right coaching.
    Does Keely wear a hair piece or is that real hair? Will he have snow pants for the next storm?

    Berwyn Bob

  27. Tim, in all due respect. I’m not being mean spririted. I am just telling it like it is. Im not making anything up. TV is a vain business. Sorry to hurt your feelings on it. Making a fair observation.

  28. Tynan — ” Philadelphia will have 3 inches of snow”
    Orr — ” Philadelphia is expecting up to 3 inches of snow”
    Bolaris — “Philadelphia could see 3 inches of snow”
    Hurricane — “Philadelphia braces for 3 inches of snow”

    Does it matters who the messenger is? It is ludicrous the fascination the public have with people on television. Even when I was a television news anchor, couldn’t understand the public’s fascination. I find that most on this blog are more interested in the face on tv that on the news content. As long as the news is “fair and balance” and credible who cares if its relayed by Keeley, Gardner, Lake or May!!! I hope are as passionate about who delivers the news as the teacher who is educating your kids. Never witness a parent asking for their child’s teacher autograph.

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