Monthly Archives: February 2011

Television Opening Credits

I rediscovered, which is a good place to find old television opening credits.

6ABC Promo Shoot

Check out photos from the 6ABC promo shoot.

Alan Cumming Into His Own On Good Wife

Alan Cumming is so good as Peter’s campaign manager on “The Good Wife” that Cumming managed to star in his own storyline in Tuesday’s episode¬† without his candidate, Peter.

Larry Wins The Lottery

One of the surprising tidbits in the Larry Mendte article in Philly Mag is that he won $133,006 from the New York Powerball lottery in March of 2010.


Larry’s Life After Lane

Larry Mendte talks to Philly Mag.

Adrian Pasdar On Castle

Marple Newtown Senior High’s Adrian Pasdar joins Castle for a two-part episode begining Monday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Sick of Jane Lynch Commercials

Anyone else sick of the Jane Lynch Xfinity ads that run ’round the clock?