Favorite Weathercasters?

Now that it’s busy season for the weather anchors, who are your favs?

6ABC – Cecily Tynan, Adam Joseph, David Murphy, Melissa Magee, Karen Rogers

NBC1o – Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz, Dave Warren, Bill Henley, Michelle Grossman

CBS3 – Kathy Orr, Kate Bilo, Justin Drabick, Carol Erickson

Fox29 – John Bolaris, Sue Serio, Sally Ann Mosey, Christa Quinn, Karen Thomas

Who makes the Philly weather “Hall of Fame?”  I say Jim O’Brien, Herb Clarke, and Dave Roberts to start.


33 responses to “Favorite Weathercasters?

  1. I agree regarding the hall of fame, especially Jim O’Brien! I like 6ABC for the weather people – they do a great job!

    Keep up the good work – is there a petition to keep SoapNet on the air after the end of this year?

  2. Dr. Francis Davis (Channel 6) should be the first in the Hall of Fame, followed by Wally Kinnan (Channel 3) & Herb Clarke.

  3. As you can tell by my name, 6abc is what I stand by. To give an unbiased point of view, I would think that those inducted into the “Hall of Fame” should have been in the Philadelphia area for ATLEAST a decade.

    AccuWeather (6abc) – Cecily Tynan and David Murphy are my choices. They are senior weather forecasters at 6abc and do a great job forecasting – especially Mr. Murphy.

    EarthWatch (NBC10) – I’m in the HOPES program at WCAU-T,V and I can really tell that Glenn knows his stuff! On top of all of that, when he is wrong…he admits to it and carefully explains what happened.

    CBS3 – I like Mrs. Orr, but out of all truth, I don’t believe anyone from this station should be inducted. They have a lot of work ahead of them. But if I had to choose one, I would say Kathy.

    Weather Authority (Fox29) – They need to get their team (and the rest of their staff for that matter) assembled. Only because of “The Storm of the Century,” I believe that no one would induct Mr. Bolaris. I like SallyAnn – but to be inducted, not quite yet. Sue Serio does a great job. If I had to choose someone from the Weather Authority, it would be her.

  4. I really like Kathy Orr on CBS3. Justin Drabick is alright, but he’s not as good as Doug Kammerer. Carol Erikson is always great, and Kate Bilo seems to be coming along well. Action News’ weather team comes in second place for me after CBS3. I was a big Action News fan until Gary Papa died and Dave Roberts retired. Now, its 3 for me. I don’t like any of the personalities on 10 and Fox29 seems to have thrown out the baby with the dishwater when it comes to producing a newscast.

  5. Just to switch the subject for a moment: Has anyone ever realized that most (if not all) meteorologists that leave WCAU-TV become CHIEF meteorologists in other places?

    Orr @ CBS3
    Bolaris @ Fox29
    Freeze @ WFLD
    Kammerer @ WRC

    What does this say about EarthWatch to you?

  6. How about some of the “old school” weathercasters who were perhaps more accurate with less of the technology that we have today. Why is it with mega-dopler-this and earthwatch-that, they can never get the forecast right? I vote for Doctor Francis Davis from Channel 6, Wally Kanaan the weatherman from Channel 3. Herb Clark is a definite for the Hall of Fame as well as Jim O’Brien.

  7. @robert — No much, weather anchor like everybody else is looking for upward movement. Being Chief Meteorologist or Main Anchor is the ultimate for every broadcast journalists. Until Cecily goes Murphy or Adam will never be Chief Meteorologist and Rick. Lisa or Matt will be the 6 & 11:00 anchor until Jim go.

    The difference between 6ABC and the other station is — it offers its talent longer term contact (job stability) while the other offer shorter term but greater pay package.6ABC talents are either hometown or have been in the DMA for so long it would be almost impossible for them to go anywhere else. Again job security!!!


  9. Richard L. Lindberg

    I like Cecily Tyson and Karen Rodgers. Karen beats David Murphy for her ease of delivery. Dave looks at the monitor too much. I’ll take Kathy Orr, too.

  10. Weather Hall of Fame …

    Add recently retired Tom Lamaine … An honest forecaster who refused to hype and lie about the weather …. And particularly an expert on anything relating to the shore storms.

  11. Its always good to hear from Marv. He and Hal Sacks are two quality commenters here. Love their old school historical perspective.

  12. Locally, there is an over-emphasis on the weather as entertainment.

    I agree with that. Sadly, ABC6 is one of the major purveyors of that with that silly “Big Board” thing. If ever there was an example of people using a toy purely to say they have it, it would be ABC6. And now CBS3’s got their little Matchbox car they run around in.

    And for the life of me I can’t understand why someone doesn’t say something to Kathy Orr about the shade of lipstick she wears on the evening broadcasts. When she stands out on their Skydeck with those lights they use, her lipstick appears bright orange, making her resemble a circus clown. Very distracting. I do like her delivery of the weather, generally, however.

    My personal favorite is Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz, though. He delivers the weather without all the drama that some of the others use.

  13. They are more like Chief Halftowns, entertainers. Models, raw data, dopplers, bunch of bs that can be reported in less than two minues as does the Nat’l Weather Serv.

  14. Remember WE-7 1212, took 40 seconds.

  15. Carol Erickson rocks!!

  16. They all do an admirable job . Can’t pick a favorite.
    The guy who does the St. Patrick day parade in Conshy. would be a real good one!

  17. Used to go by the name “Robert – 6abc fan.”
    The new name is “Robert //CityWide Weather.”

    I think we all need to realize that weather forecasting isn’t easy and is a tough process. Some of you spoke about Philadelphia weather forecasting is entertainment. Just a reminder here, Philadelphia is the 4th largest market. There should be much branding about it in my opinion. Especially from 3, 10, and 29. They need to attract more viewers if they EVER want to beat 6abc.

    I don’t blame WPVI for boasting about them being the “most watched news station in the Delaware Valley.” To hold on to the number one spot for years at a time is not only historic, but also worthy of attention.

    @Tim – There never was (and won’t be) a chief meteorologist at Action News. We like to think of Cecily as the “Chief” because she works the evening shift but she is (aswell as Mr. Murphy) a senior employee at channel 6 – I know that for a fact.

  18. I have to say that CBS3 is my favorite and most accurate

  19. I totally agree with you about Herb Clark and Jim Obrien I do also have to put in a vote for John Bolaris, when he was with Channel Ten he did a good job. When Herb Clark was at channel ten he did not have all the bells and whistles that each Metorologist has today

  20. Adam Joseph (and not because he’s so damn cute!)

  21. Oh geez, that “Big Board”.
    I get car sick watching talent play with it.
    I vote for Tynan…Schwartz no because his appearance is so distracting. Can someone please tell him: when you put so much make up on your face, you need to do the same to your hands when they’re on camera so much.

  22. I think that Justin Drabick is an AWESOME addition to the Channel 3 News! Kudos to Justin!!!

  23. CBS 3 – Kathy Orr is great. It’s always a joy to watch Carol Erickson — I wish they’d given her the weekday mornings. Justin Drabick’s cool.

    6ABC — They’re all pretty good. David Murphy is my favorite of the group.

    NBC 10 — zzzzz. I don’t ever watch their newscasts.

    Fox 29 — Sue Serio is awesome.

  24. New Clear Power

    Our town has a dearth of quality meteorologists. Too many folks have the Mississippi State diploma mill on their resume, particularly at 6 as Adam is their only actual meteorologist. When Adam’s not there, their forecasts suffer. Examples — see the Christmas Eve debacle when Melissa Magee confidently proclaimed the storm was going out to sea Hurricane and Kate Bilo were at least talking up the potential for “more snow” than their forecasts indicated or the snowstorm a couple of weeks ago when everyone got caught with their dopplers down on the first round of snow.

    At the same time, you have too many of them engaged in snipping at each other online or on radio (Bolaris to 6, Adam Joseph at Bolaris).

  25. Some of these weather comments appear to have been contributed by the talents’ friends, station PR persons, or dog lovers.
    Of course —- they do have their free speech rights, assuming they are Americans.

  26. My favorite weathercaster is CBS 3’s Justin Drabick…there’s just something about him; he has a great personality, awesome voice and is very handsome, he’s very accurate and professional. I like the entire team but he’s my favorite.

  27. New Clear Power

    Phillyweather.net is profiling weather people this week. They had a write up on Elliot Abrams yesterday and Dave Warren tonight. Seems like a good series of write ups.

  28. For favorite weather people I have to go with the people at 6 and at 3!
    For hall of Fame it of course is Jim o’ Brien, Dave Roberts, Tom Lamaine and of course, Linda Gialenella whom I wished channel 3 kept, through it all!

  29. If you could, someone let us know Linda’s whereabouts!

  30. @3 and 6 Fan — How about the whereabouts of your high school Math or Science teacher or kindergarten teacher. Someone, who by all indications should have greatly influence in the person you are today. Linda was JUST a television weather forecaster.

    Blah! Blah! Blah! I have few more minutes of free time. What am I going to do? How about the “whereabouts” of my favorite tennis players.


  32. the weather guru

    There are a few repitable weather people left in philly weather
    cbs 3- kathy orr , probally the best philly weathercaster left inphilly
    nbc10- glenn shwartz, but i believe a change needs to occur at the top here ,
    abc6- adam joseph – bottom line the best on 6
    fox29 – shoulda never got rid of rob guarino to replace with jb , he ran from philly and nbc , he should have stayed out and in nyc , also ran out david aldrich , so the only person respected there is karen thomas,

    hall of fame – herb clark , rob guarino , jim obrian ,francis davis ,
    who philly lost others gained
    wrc- chief met doug kammerer
    amy freeze-chi
    liveweatherblogs.com – rob guarino

    i think people should seriously check out the site liveweatherblogs.com
    filled with good meteorologists
    rob guarino, mike defino , dean davison ,mike masco
    good alternative to tv in philly

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