Former Channel 6 Star Joins Philly PR Firm

Former “AM Philadelphia” co-host Lizbeth Starr, aka Liz Matt is joining Sharla Feldscher Public Relations of Old City.

Starr also worked for Fox29 and Channel 3.


9 responses to “Former Channel 6 Star Joins Philly PR Firm

  1. Big deal!!! Laura…just another former media person

  2. Maybe Fox29 should hire some PR people. Their abysmal product and talent need all the promotion possible

  3. Wacky Jack is 100% correct
    My issues with Fox 29 is the 5,6 & 10pm news cast ( Ok Its not news anymore lol) But they do need to go back and cover the News again. They have to be the laughting stock of the TV News market in Philly.

  4. Ray FF — Welcome to the board. You will quickly see that Fox29
    is truly the laughingstock around here. For good reasons.

  5. Formally “Robert – 6abcfan” I’m switching my name to “Robert //CityWide Weather”

    Wacky, for how many years have you been commenting on this website? Also, between CBS3 and NBC10 – which do you per-fer?

  6. Age has not been kind to Liz…..

  7. The pride of Riverton, NJ

  8. My High School Biology teacher looks just like her!
    BTW how are Karen Friedman and Chris Wagner doing these days?

  9. Check the bars on South St, Chris’ is usually in one of them.

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