Hire Me

Just a friendly reminder, I am available to speak to high school and college classes, and all types of groups about television and the media. Check out my Appearances page. I’m lots of fun!

Let the nasty comments begin.


12 responses to “Hire Me

  1. Nothing nasty coming from me. I am all for self-promotion!

    I would much rather see these sorts of items from Laura, rather than the
    cut-and-paste jobs from the local TV stations’ press releases plugging “Terry Ruggles and the Wiggles” appearing at the Granite Run Mall.

  2. I enjoy your blog so I’m sure I would enjoy you in perseon even more!

  3. Jack;
    Since you were the 1st to comment, I no longer suspect that you are an alias for Laura’s evil twin. Stay warm out there.

  4. I think you would be very entertaining in person, just as you are in your column!!

  5. Gerri– Laura’s column entertaining? Tell me, you were being sarcastic or at best trying not to bruise Laura’s ego. I find nothing entertaining about this blog — a little informative, maybe. But, entertaining!! Give me a break!! The only reason I come to this blog is, I use to enjoy her column in the newspaper.

  6. I didn’t realize responding to this post means you’d be a target for others to comment on your thoughts. Tim must have a lot of time on his hands to not only be rude to Laura, but to one of her fans too. Gerri, I agree with you, this blog is entertaining. Tim, you’re a boor.

  7. Gerri & Amon, agreed this board and most of the comments are quite entertaining. Think Laura is available for parties and sceances??

  8. Taylor Millstein

    Why is it people can have the balls to be rude online and say things they’d NEVER say directly to someone’s face? Guess it’s the age we’re in now. What a shame.

  9. @Augustmom3 –To read Laura’s blog and respond takes less than 2 min –this to you a lot of time —Are you slow? Forgive me if you are. Rude to Laura? My comment was directed at her column being described as entertaining. Didn’t you decipher that was the comment and not about Laura “person” who I don’t know personally. Webster defines entertaining as pleasurable, amusing. Would you classified Laura’s column as such? Guarantee, Laura wouldn’t. And why being rude to me?

  10. Hal Sacks always brings the “old school” perspective but also is a witty funny guy.

    As always, big thumbs up to Hal šŸ™‚

  11. I must admit, I do find WJ comments entertaining. Tim’s can be confrontational at times. Thats good stuff! Keep up the good work.

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