Former Eagle On Real Sports

Former Eagles’ linebacker Reggie Wilkes, who today is a financial consultant for professional athletes, is part of a story about NFL players who go broke on Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel on HBO.

I love this show.  It always has insightful stories.


4 responses to “Former Eagle On Real Sports

  1. This was a good episode of Real Sports. I also like this program, but sometimes find the “commentary” by Bryant Gumbel at the end to be a little too self-righteous.

    In the Battle of the Gumbels, Greg is the winner for me

  2. Totally agree w/Wacky. Always excellent content.

  3. Toss up for me……..they both have something different to offer.

  4. personality aside, bryant is one of the best interviewers ever…greg was royally scr**d by CBS when they demoted him from #1 NFL broadcast team with phil simms when jim nance muscled his way in

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