Disgusted With ABC Daytime

With another day of “classic episodes,” of All My Children, One Life To Live and General Hospital scheduled for Friday, let me say I’m disgusted with ABC Daytime.  ABC has been airing reruns, instead of first-run episodes around once a month for the last year or so to save money. 

Soaps are in a precarious position.  SoapNet is scheduled to go dark at the beginning next year, there are only seven daytime dramas on the air, and the new CBS show The Talk is already beating One Life To Live.

How will this cliffhanger end?


12 responses to “Disgusted With ABC Daytime

  1. It will end with all daytime soaps being handed pink slips!

  2. I read someplace that the ratings on the repeats are so bad, ABC is ending the reruns after this month.

  3. Laura’s level of frustration on this topic rivals mine towards Mike Jerrick, Steve Keeley, Jennaphr Frederick, and the cast of characters at Fox29. Personally i dont know any of these shows

  4. Perhaps there’s a thought process behind that. Within the next few years, I think soaps will be a thing of the past.

  5. I remember soaps at their brightest moment,,,,high school watching Luke and Laura,, Vicki and Clint, Erica and everybody,,,sad to see what’s become of them.

  6. The ratings are going down because there is a new generation. Most people of today don’t care about these shows, and the ratings can prove it. The soaps are too-dramatic to the point where they become unrealistic. They have been on the air for so longer to the point where new viewers, who might WANT to watch the show, would become jumbled in the drama. Some characters don’t even speak like the people of today would!

    I’d rather watch “The Talk” too because it is more relevant to what’s happening in today’s world instead of the color-instilled version of black-and-white TV.

    //CityWideWeather (formally “Robert – 6abcfan”

  7. Look at multiple trends–audience fragmentation means fewer viewers for the broadcasters. Changing viewing habits on top of that mean people don’t watch shows every day–even among more popular prime time shows, a “regular” viewer is found to watch about 40-60% of episodes.

    So what does that leave for a soap? You either slow the plot down to the point of making it overly repetitive for the group that does watch every day, or you drive away the other set of viewers because they can’t keep up. And all of that on top of getting less ad money thanks to fewer eyeballs overall. Talk about a no-win.

  8. i agree with all…sad to say, soaps are breathing their last…many fond childhood memories of following the soaps like my mother…played hooky and stayed home from work to watch luke and laura wedding…amazing that VCRs weren’t even invented then. it’s a shame the networks destroyed all the tapes of the early soaps…maybe soapnet would have survived if they aired vintage soaps…but like the lifetime channel, nick and others, our boomer generation is certainly not the demographic advertisers desire.

  9. Actually, there are only SIX soaps left on daytime, not seven.

  10. Wacky Jack, the funny thing is that this is when I watch him the most – if at all. Maybe strange –> but talented.

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