Michael Vick Appearing On Oprah

Michael Vick will appear on Oprah Thursday, February 24.

It will be interesting to see how Oprah, who is very public about her love for her dogs, handles Vick.

She could be tougher than any opponent Vick faced last season.


16 responses to “Michael Vick Appearing On Oprah

  1. She shouldn’t even have him on. The Dog Murderer deserves NO attention. He’s a disgusting, vile, poor excuse of a human being.

  2. Not so fast, according to CNBC’s Darren Rovell

  3. Since when does Harpo do tough interviews??

  4. @Gerri — He that is w/o sin first cast a stone. Last time you look in the mirror, did you see an immaculate, prestine Gerri?

  5. She is going to fall over him.

  6. Hopefully she will not slip into the “in America everyone gets a second chance” nonsense that the Eagles peddled when they brought in Vick.

    Go to a Philadelphia city job fair for ex convicts (most of course are not killers and rapists) and see their chances for a second chance. Generally there may be a few openings for them, but most of them will be lucky to get anything.

  7. Amen, Marv. Vick should be shot w/goat poop.

  8. Tim couldn’t have said it any better.

  9. I don’t hear the kind of condemnation of Michael Vick ( I am no fan of football, don’t even like the game) to that of Martha Stewart – a convicted felon. She served her time and move on on to do what she does best. Why shouldn’t Vick who serve his time move on and do what he does best — play football. Prison should be about redemption and Vick and others did not let the experience thwart their success. One for Vick!!!

  10. Shoot Martha, w/monkey vomit!! Feed Madoff to the sharks!

  11. Taylor Millstein

    “Connected”, LOL–sorry but I had to laugh. I see both sides. “Tim” you bring up good points. Once someone has served their time, can a person not change? Can a person not get a second chance? Then, I see the other side. How is stealing people’s money, murdering innocent dogs and playing with stock #’s to your own benefit not unforgivable? How about if one of those dogs were your own? How quick and easy would it be to forgive? How about if one of those millions were your own? And on-and on-and on…

  12. He pussed out and will not show.

  13. Taylor, No apoligy, thst what i wanted to happen. The threat of goat dung caused Mr Dog Poop to turn into a a scardey cat!!

  14. oops, apology

  15. Don’t blame Michael. He is now a knighted “franchise player” and the Eagles have a little more say on his public image. He needs that big check from them.

  16. laura:

    michael vick canceled the appearance. you might want to update this.

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