Van Arsdall Officially Named Weekend Sports Anchor At CBS3

Lesley Van Arsdall, who has been anchoring sports on the weekend for the few months on CBS3, was given the position permanently. 

She’ll join Beasley Reece at 3.


7 responses to “Van Arsdall Officially Named Weekend Sports Anchor At CBS3

  1. Lesley is pretty good at sports.

  2. Best thing is, unlike Mr Ike, she speaks english!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Not a big fan of women covering sports…..though Lesley is much better than Ike.

  4. To put in mildly, LESLIE is more coherent than Ike…he should stick with radio.

  5. Duh.
    Ike should never have been put on air as a script reader. It was an absolutely ridiculous move by management.

    To be a successful on camera announcer generally takes time and experience — like Leslie has. (She was also a fine announcer on Newsradio).

    Ike should have been interviewed as an expert who can provide insights we can’t get anywhere else. CBS 3 made the exact same mistake with Gary Cobb!
    Ricky Bo and Mitch Williams are successful because their contest is honest and they’ve been there. They are not Teleprompter readers, they are experts.

  6. An “expert” cannot offer their expertise if they cannot articulate their point.
    i.e. Hugh, Ike, now cackling Trott.

  7. Leslie has a great presence on the air. She is smart, and professional. She will do a good job.

    Congratulations Leslie.


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