New Reporter On Channel 6

Thanks to one of our intrepid readers, Bart, who sent this item:

Congratulations to WFTV-Channel 9 reporter Kenneth Moton. He is leaving the ABC affiliate in late March to go to WPVI, the ABC station in Philadelphia.

“He’s a good young man. We’ll miss him,” news director Bob Jordan said today.

In an e-mail, Moton wrote, “WFTV has been such a great experience. I’ve worked hard, the station has invested in me, and the team at Channel 9 is one of the best in the business. I’m thankful for Bob Jordan and this station for taking a chance on me four years ago. I’m going to miss Central Florida and its great weather! This opportunity in Philadelphia is an exciting move in my career, and I will definitely take what I learned here and use it to do my best in Phillly.”

Before joining WFTV, Moton worked for News 14 Carolina, a 24/7 operation in Raleigh, N.C. Moton, a South Carolina native, earned a B.A. in broadcast journalism from the University of South Carolina.


16 responses to “New Reporter On Channel 6

  1. Another 6ABC robot.

  2. This cat is definitely a “Kenneth” and not a “Ken”

    Looks like Dray Clark has some competition for Biggest Blerd….

  3. Another TV robot to be trained for THE BIG BOARD.

    Why doesn’t the crack WPVI management hire someone who knows Philadelphia and is on the same wave length as those of us who live here i.e. “the viewers.”

    They could hire someone like — for instance —- Denise James or Lauren Wilson.

    • Rick Williams and Monica Malpass both worked in North Carolina and look how successful both of them turned out to be. I don’t see your reason for calling Kenneth a “robot” when you haven’t even see his journalism skills come into play at WPVI. If he wasn’t good, then I don’t believe 6abc would hire him.

  4. Just bring back da babe!!! Erin!!!!!!!!

  5. Off topic, but I found former Ch. 10 & 29 traffic reporter Dorothy Krysiuk is working in Boston now for the ABC affiliate.

  6. To Marv, think bout the two women reporters you mentioned. First, they are women and second they are Afro-American. Just wondering if they got a good lawyer, ie. Paul Rosen the two can go after abc, etc for unlawful termination and discrimation. Third, they can pay these new people who they’ve hired in the last 2-3 yrs. pittance compared to others in the market. Also, tie them into a long-term deal.

  7. Number one, both ladies were compensated even though their contracts expired. Number two, both were replaced by minorities. So where are their damages?? Paul Rosen? Horrible lawyer.

  8. CONNECTED brings up a good point. What is the latest, if
    anything, on EOH? Will she return or not?

  9. Erin is having her second child and is connected to a builder with $, she does not need to work. Rather stay at home and raise a family

  10. Has it officially been confirmed that EOH is NOT returning?

    At last check, we had been told otherwise.

    In other 6ABC gossip, Brian Taff has officially come out and announced that he………has a girlfriend. Its Ch6 staffer Mara Webb, who went to
    Villanova. She is quite the looker. Looks like Taff has outkicked his
    coverage on this one!

  11. Mara’s been around!

  12. Here is the proof about Brian and Mara!/profile.php?id=100000379754747

    Note that he uses the name TAFFE on his FB profile but TAFF on the air

  13. never understand why anyone would leave Florida for this area.

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